"Zhanin": effectiveness and side effects of a hormonal contraceptive

To pick up a hormonal preparation for the purpose of contraception is not easy. In addition to protection from pregnancy, many of these tools help to cope with skin problems (pimples), menstrual irregularities, ovarian cysts. "Janine" is able to interfere with the balance of sex hormones, reducing manifestations of hyperandrogenemia. This is its positive side. But the instruction on the use of "Jeanine" indicates a lot of side effects. How is the drug tolerated and safe?

The content of the article

To select hormonal preparations follows together with the gynecologist. Despite their common similarity (contain estrogens and gestagens), the effect of the application may vary widely. "Zhanin" refers to drugs, which is not suitable for everyone.

Composition and principle of action

"Zhanin" is a low-dose monophasic combined oral contraceptive. Each concept is important:

  • – содержание гормонов относительно небольшое; low - dose - the content of hormones is relatively small;
  • – в каждой таблетке содержится одинаковая доза лекарства; monophasic - each tablet contains the same dose of the drug;
  • в составе есть эстрогены и гестагены, которые имитируют двухфазный менструальный цикл у женщины; to ombinnirovanny - in the composition there are estrogens and gestagens that mimic a two-phase menstrual cycle in a woman;
  • – прием таблеток осуществляется внутрь. oral - taking the tablets is done inside.

The composition includes the following hormones.

  • 0.03 mg of ethinylestradiol. Simulates the action of estrogens. Ethinyl estradiol increases the viscosity of the cervical secret, which disrupts sperm motility in the cervical canal.
  • . 2 mg of dienogest . It acts on the pituitary gland, suppressing the production of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which leads to the lack of growth of new follicles. As a result, the ovaries are in a "sleeping state" without ovulation. The distinctive ability of dienogest is that it possesses antiandrogenic activity. Thanks to this, after a while reception reduces acne, hirsutism.

Constant low concentrations of hormones in the blood affect the endometrium of the uterine cavity, leading to its atrophy. This entails a decrease in the abundance and duration of menstrual bleeding, as well as a reduction in the foci of endometriosis throughout the body.

After entering the intestine, the drug is absorbed into the systemic circulation. It is transformed in the liver, creating an additional burden on the organ and biliary tract. The products of the "Zhanina" metabolism are excreted with feces and urine.

When used

The main purpose of hormone tablets "Zhanin" - providing protection from pregnancy. In addition, the agent is used to treat the following conditions:

  • – благодаря «спящему состоянию» яичников и снижению активности гипофиза головного мозга все очаги эндометриоза (в том числе аденомиоза) значительно уменьшаются, что приводит к снижению выраженности боли, мажущих выделений, обильных месячных; endometriosis - due to the "sleeping condition" of the ovaries and a decrease in the activity of the pituitary gland of the brain, all the foci of endometriosis (including adenomyosis) are significantly reduced, which leads to a decrease in the severity of pain, spotting discharge,
  • – назначается после консервативного и оперативного лечения кист яичников, в том числе эндометриоидного характера, сроком на три-шесть месяцев; with the ovarian cyst - is prescribed after conservative and operative treatment of ovarian cysts, including endometriosis, for a period of three to six months;
  • как и все контрацептивы способен несколько снижать темп роста узлов; uterine fibroids - like all contraceptives, it is able to reduce the growth rate of nodes a little;
  • регулярный прием снижает вероятность развития мастопатии наполовину, а также уменьшаются такие симптомы, как боль и напряженность молочных желез; when mastopathy - regular reception reduces the likelihood of developing mastopathy by half, and also reduces symptoms such as pain and tension of the mammary glands;
  • может использоваться в качестве лечения доброкачественной гиперплазии эндометрия и железистых полипов; with endometrial hyperplasia - can be used as a treatment for benign endometrial hyperplasia and glandular polyps;
  • препарат нормализует менструальный цикл, уменьшает проявления гиперандрогенемии и влияние ее на весь организм; with polycystosis - the drug normalizes the menstrual cycle, reduces manifestations of hyperandrogenemia and its effect on the entire body;
  • регулярный прием приводит к затуханию воспалительных процессов в области придатков, снижая вероятность дисфункции яичников; with chronic adnexitis - regular reception leads to the attenuation of inflammatory processes in the appendages, reducing the likelihood of ovarian dysfunction;
  • – на фоне приема «Жанин» уменьшается выраженность акне (прыщей) на лице, спине и руках, однако, эффект сохраняется недолго после отмены лекарства (один-два месяца). for the cosmetic effect - against the background of the "Janine" reception, the acne (acne) on the face, back and hands decreases, however, the effect persists for a short time after the drug is withdrawn (one to two months).
In addition, "Janine", like other contraceptives, has a rebound effect - after lifting, the probability of multiple pregnancy increases due to the activation of the ovaries and the simultaneous ripening of several follicles.


Contraindications to taking the drug are common to all hormones with estrogens and gestagens. The list includes the following states:

  • allergic reactions to the components of the drug;
  • blood clots in the anamnesis, propensity to them;
  • migraine, even if the last episode was a long time ago;
  • diabetes;
  • prosthetic heart valves;
  • arterial hypertension of the third and fourth degree;
  • prolonged motionless state, for example, after fractures;
  • diseases of the liver, bile ducts;
  • pancreatic disease;
  • pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding;
  • suspicion or specified malignant tumors;
  • bleeding from the vagina of an unclear cause;
  • smoking;
  • overweight with an index of more than 40;
  • systemic connective tissue diseases;
  • climacterium.

How is it transferred?

With a careful selection of the drug "Jeanine" is well tolerated. However, against the background of use, the following side effects may occur with a frequency of more than one case per thousand women taking the medicine:

  • headache, migraines;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea and vomiting, stool;
  • increased appetite and weight gain;
  • hair loss, skin rash and itching;
  • increased pressure;
  • decreased sexual desire (libido);
  • recurrent candidal colpitis;
  • increased blood sugar;
  • thrombosis and thromboembolism;
  • tearfulness, irritability, depression.

Reviews about contraceptive pills "Janine" are contradictory. Someone does not observe side effects and uses the drug for contraception or treatment for many years, while others do not survive the weeks of admission because of unpleasant changes in their state of health and behavior.

With the frequency of less than one case per thousand women receiving the drug, the following side effects occur:

  • recurrence of viral and bacterial infections;
  • insomnia;
  • dryness of mucous membranes;
  • Skin diseases such as seborrhea, psoriasis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • enteritis, gastritis.

In cases of overdose, side effects are intensified. Treatment in these cases is symptomatic.

In addition, in the first months when taking "Zhanin" a woman may be disturbed by periodic spotting discharges from the genital tract and even intermenstrual bleeding. This is explained by the addiction of the body to a new regimen of intake of a fixed dose of hormones. Usually the adaptation period takes no more than two to three months, otherwise it is necessary to replace the drug or to correct the reception scheme.

"Zhanin": instructions for use

The scheme for taking tablets "Zhanin" does not differ from that of the rest of oral contraceptives. The basic postulates are as follows:

  • внутрь, запиваются небольшим количеством воды; tablets are taken - inside, washed down with a small amount of water; for 21 days, one tablet is taken from the package;
  • должно совпадать с первым днем месячных в первый месяц; the beginning of admission - should coincide with the first day of menstruation in the first month;
  • строго фиксированное, например, всегда утром в 6.00; reception time - strictly fixed, for example, always in the morning at 6.00;
  • необходимо сделать семидневный перерыв, обычно на второй-третий день приходят менструальноподбные выделения; after the end of the package - you need to make a seven-day break, usually on the second or third day, there are menstrual dysplasia;
  • следует начинать принимать новую упаковку. after a seven-day break - you should start taking a new package.
"Zhanin" can be drunk without interruption for many years. After withdrawal, the function of the ovaries is restored within three to six months. To delay the monthly, you can take two packages of the drug without a seven-day break. In this case, the cycle will be 42-45 days. However, one should not get carried away with such properties of the drug, as this can lead to acyclic secretions and bleeding.

Frequent clinical situations

Often the indications for the use of the drug are different situations and diseases. Drinking tablets "Janine" should be, given the following points.

  • . After abortion, miscarriage . If the termination of pregnancy occurred in the first trimester, you should start taking the pills on this or the next day. If an abortion or miscarriage occurs in the second trimester, it is recommended to start taking the medication on days 21-28, you may not even have to wait for menstruation, but with the exception of pregnancy.
  • After childbirth. The drug is allowed to use only after the completion of lactation. If a woman does not support breastfeeding, the beginning is possible not earlier than 21-28 days after childbirth.
  • . After the other OK . You should start drinking "Zhanin" during a seven-day break or taking pills-pacifiers. If the transdermal patch is removed, the intrauterine device Mirena or the vaginal ring, it is recommended that the first tablet be taken on the same day. If injections of hormonal drugs were used, the onset should coincide with the first day of the proposed injection. When switching from mini-piles (contain only gestagen), the reception can be timed to any day.

If a tablet is missed

Reviews of doctors and women indicate the fact that most often you have to deal with a violation of the regimen of taking tablets. How correctly to take "Zhanin" in such cases? If 12 hours have not passed since the time set, take the missed tablet and then the next one at the scheduled time. If it's already 12 hours past, the algorithm is as follows:

  • – как можно быстрее выпить пропущенную таблетку, а следующую по обычному графику, в течение недели необходимо использовать дополнительные методы предохранения; the first week of admission - as soon as possible to drink a missed tablet, and the next according to the usual schedule, within a week it is necessary to use additional methods of protection;
  • – срочно принять пропущенную таблетку, дополнительного предохранения не нужно, если до этого момента режим приема соблюдался; the second week of admission - it is urgent to take the missed pill, there is no need for additional protection, if until then the regimen was adhered to;
  • – можно либо продолжить прием упаковки и следующую начать без семидневного перерыва, либо на пропущенной таблетке сделать перерыв в неделю и потом уже начинать новую пачку. the third week of admission - you can either continue receiving the package and the next start without a seven-day break, or on a missed pill take a break in a week and then start a new pack.

Pink tablet in mouth

What affects efficiency?

During the reception of "Zhanin" various situations are possible, including the state of the disease. It is necessary to know that some drugs and symptoms can reduce the contraceptive effect of tablets:

  • – макролиды (например, «Азитромицин», «Джохамицин», «Кларитромицин», «Эритромицин»), пенициллины («Амоксиклав», «Ампициллин»), тетрациклины («Доксициклин»); antibiotics - macrolides (for example, Azithromycin, Johamycin, Clarithromycin, Erythromycin), penicillins (Amoxiclav, Ampicillin), tetracyclines (Doxycycline);
  • «Кетоконазол»; antifungal preparations - "ketoconazole";
  • – «Флуоксетин»; antidepressants - "Fluoxetine";
  • «Карбамазепин»; anticonvulsant - "Carbamazepine";
  • «Дилтиазем». from pressure - "Diltiazem".
  • – если эпизод произошел в течение четырех часов с момента приема таблетки, в следующую неделю необходимо использовать дополнительную контрацепцию; vomiting and diarrhea - if the episode occurred within four hours of taking the pill, additional contraception should be used next week; if after four hours - the effect of protection is preserved, the drug is already completely in the blood.
Given the interaction with other drugs, side effects and contraindications to the reception, "Zhanin" should be prescribed only by a doctor. It must be informed of the regular intake of other drugs.


There are complete analogues of the drug with the same composition and dose of active substances. The list is as follows:

  • "Silhouette";
  • "Diecyclen";
  • "Bonade."

Tablets "Zhanin" in endometriosis, hyperandrogenemia, after removal of ovarian cysts are the drug of choice. The drug is suitable for the prevention of acne in women with a disrupted hormonal background, as well as simply for contraception. The drug is prescribed only on the advice of a doctor, as it has contraindications and complications from use.


Drank jade, in the first month, side effects are possible. I was feeling nauseated. The skin became 100 times better, the men's less painful and plentiful, did not get better. After 2 months, she threw herself pregnant. Not specifically, I was naively thinking that the body should be cleaned up in order to get pregnant, well, I think just by the next year and we will start conceiving, but the UPS (I did not know about the abolition). And now I'm very glad that I did not.

https://www.baby.ru/u/a1inka/ Alina, https://www.baby.ru/u/a1inka/

Hello everyone) listen to my story to anyone interested, I'm a mother of 2 children and decided to try zhanin prochila reviews, drank it 4 months for these months, I can say that the skin on the face was just super, but there are disadvantages is that I got better by 15 kg yes yes, I'm serious about you, you can drink it only thin not scared to replenish women this horror you will peret, as in leaps and bounds, I do not drink it for 2 months already and the weight does not go away is just a nightmare, and I ate just as always .100 times think do you want the perfect skin? and my friend drank it for 2 months and recovered by 5 kg then she threw it, in the zhane, high content of hormones and whoever told you that now the technologies do not stand still, all the same, we get fat from hormonal preparations unfortunately.

https://www.baby.ru/u/usr1718667/ Tanucha, https://www.baby.ru/u/usr1718667/

I, too, did not get better, and I did not lose weight. Previously there were pimples in winter on the back, now they stopped. Menstruation became more scarce, I forgot about tampons, I missed every day, only occasional gaskets were needed. Of the bad, I'm not sure, since there used to be a standing job for three years, but it's possible that Janine influenced-wreaths began to appear. The skin is normal, there are no bags under the eyes, otherwise everything is fine.

http://www.woman.ru/health/woman-health/thread/3895971/ Orange, http://www.woman.ru/health/woman-health/thread/3895971/

I am 42 years old. Zhanin was appointed because of fibroids, 16 mm. + Ovarian cyst. After half a year, the cyst still had to be removed together with the ovary, the ovarian cyst (laparoscopy). I drink already a year after the beginning of the reception, I do not like it, it's just horror (((Libido completely disappeared into nowhere (((Dizziness incomprehensible periodically ... It starts from the 14th day of admission ... already a year, I do not have to endure it anymore, I want to quit, but the doctor does not advises, says-it is necessary for you that the fibroid does not grow, and even improved by 5 kg for a year, although I eat as before (little and not caloric). I have always been slim, but here ... slowly but surely I go to shir is just a nightmare ... I decided to give up at least 2-3 months.) The breast certainly increased, but I think due to the fact that wound. The only thing is happy, so is the skin really clean.

http://www.woman.ru/health/woman-health/thread/3895971/ Laura, http://www.woman.ru/health/woman-health/thread/3895971/

Saw Jeanine 2 years before pregnancy, for the treatment of endometriosis and for direct prescribing, everything is ok, after giving birth (when finished gv) again drink (7months), I do not plan to stop, I'm happy. I do not get better (I do not limit myself to eating), skin, hair is better than steel, I have not noticed any changes in mood either. All individually, do not be afraid, if there is something wrong, the doctor will appoint others.

https://www.u-mama.ru/user/info/122376/index.html Purple, https://www.u-mama.ru/user/info/122376/index.html

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