Vasilina Smotrina: "My six sons are my helpers"

Vasilina Smotryna manages to combine all possible female roles: at her age of 35 she is the mother of six boys, a participant and winner of beauty contests, a journalist and a blogger. As everyone has time to make a career and be a good mom at the same time, she told the portal

Portrait in air negligee - Vasilina, open your secret to us: you always dreamed of a big family?

"I think it's still my destiny, with which I was determined as a child." I had a favorite doll and a lot of animals, and they were all my children. When I became a little older, I said that if I have a good husband, then I will certainly have four children - I set myself such a bar. Therefore, probably, at first each friend was born four children, and only then, with a break of five years, two more. It was an important and conscious step, before which I grew up and realized that this is my destiny and my earthly essence. In general, I believe that every person in the world is for something: someone cooks borscht best in the world, he is loved for it and kicks. And that's when it's kayfov - that means, that's the essence of it. I, of course, tried to work and develop in the career plan - I got two educations: directing in the College of Arts and Culture and Psychological in the Pedagogical University. But at some point I realized that this is the kind of career in my life that should be at a minimum. The house is my main and favorite work. After all, those who have one or two children work successfully. And they manage. And I, so to speak, "beyond the norm" - four more children. And this for me, too, is the work with which I cope.

- Having six children is not an easy task for the body. Tell me about this side of the question: how were your pregnancies given to you physically?

- Of course, six times to tolerate toxicosis - the task is not simple. In the last pregnancy was especially difficult, because I have the last two children - Arkhip and Sashka - pogodki, and physically "pulling" on himself still quite a baby and tummy - it's not easy. But in fact, during pregnancy, the body heals, this also has advantages. In general, it seems to me that my mother's skills are my innate talent, so pregnancy was given to me easily.

A married couple on a green street

- I know women who absolutely do not accept themselves in a state of pregnancy - as I understand, it's not about you?

- No, of course not! Pregnancy is a magical condition, I'm kicking myself. Because when I'm not pregnant, I'm watching the figure. And when I'm pregnant, I can relax a little, allow me to spare. I like to emphasize my condition: do makeup, brightly dress, wear shoes with heels, if I go out into the light. And I often write in social networks, they say, heels - it's harmful! I have known for a long time what tone is - and in shoes with heels I feel very comfortable. If I need to come somewhere beautiful and elegant, I will not have excuses for this. And in general, walking on high heels is another of my natural abilities.

- You said that you often write in social networks. Do you feel the increased attention of people?

- Of course! I am very much written and very active - much more active than I am. The priority for me is children, but when I have time, I like sharing my experience with other moms when they need it. I never climb with uninvited advice, do not teach, do not read instruction. But if someone asks me something, I will always advise and tell you. Of course, any mom can share her experience - it's easy, when you have six children, for some reason you are more trusted.

-Do you get negative in your address?

- Yes, and quite often. I sometimes hear incorrect jokes, even from grandmothers at the entrance: did not you have light? I never enter into polemics and do not prove anything. I respect the opinion of each person and I just understand that my choice does not suit everyone.

- So, we are smoothly moving to your social life: in spite of total domestic employment, your public activity is contentedly active. Tell me more about this side of life and how you do it all?

- I've always been an active person: the starosta in the group, at school, the ringleader in all games, so I never dulled my leadership qualities. This is my character. Among my projects is the contest "Mrs. Tomsk", where I was awarded the second place, then we became the family of the year. Now I am an active author in the magazine "Secular Boom", I'm heading "I'm Mom". I have plans for my own creative project, not just one. And we are building a house with my husband - and this is also one of my ongoing plans. As it turns out? I just love to dream and fulfill my dreams.

I generally believe that dreaming and planning is a good thing, all dreams come true if you dream correctly.

Someone looks from the side and says: Well, of course, it's easy for you when there is money. I always laugh, because I think that everyone has the same opportunities. To have more - you need to do more. Of course, in the fact that I have time for self-development, my husband's great merit is: he not only works a lot, but also helps me with the children. We all do it with him in half. Moreover, we have boys, but it depends very much on male education.

- Education of children is an important topic. How do you educate your guys?

"Every child has his own business." In education, I believe, it is necessary to pay attention to both physical and spiritual. From the age of 4 our boys start to play sports. The elder - Cyril, he is already 17 years old - swimming and development of oratory skills. He participated in various contests of reciters, theatrical productions. And soon he will have a graduation, he will be his presenter. Yegor is 13 years old - he is a football player and at one time was engaged in drawing. Zakhar is younger, he also plays football and sings. Participates in vocal competitions, takes prizes. Vovka is finishing the first class now, he wanted to play hockey since early childhood - and we gave him to the section at the first opportunity, he already went to several tournaments. Often I hear from friends that sending a child somewhere is expensive.

So I better not buy myself new boots, but my child will go to the tournament, because it's experience, it's an investment in his future.

Boys and sports are inseparable things. Because it is sport that brings up the strength of will and purpose in man. This is very important for a man. As for spiritual development, it is not only useful in terms of harmonious development, but also some insurance. I try, so to speak, to lay straws so that the child understands that anything can be done in life by anything. I help my children in everything to grow up to be really happy and successful.

Boys clap their little brother

- Do you have any secrets that allow you to successfully manage with your big family?

- I'll open the main: when there are more children, everything turns out even better. A child is a person born in the world, and we accompany him and help him to take his place under the sun. I'm not a hen, I share my time between children proportionally. All children are different, they need different attention. If the child likes to cuddle and kiss - I hug with pleasure. If another child does not need it - I choose a different approach to it. I always find time to talk with everyone, to find out how he is doing: not only in school, because a school for a child is always a joyous topic, but in general. I tell you what to wear, how to proceed, they listen to my advice. With middle-aged children the dad is more occupied, although last year, pregnant, I drove Vova to train with the younger Arkhip and tummy. The time was difficult, and I treated it philosophically: in no case did I lament and did not seek occasions for quarrels with domestic ones.

My husband helped me a lot, and all the household members understood with understanding that if you do not have dinner ready at home - you need to take it and cook it.

One more thing. Many lead children by the hand, some - almost to retirement, because then the hand is not detached. We have to release the hand of our children early. Of course, I worry, like all mothers: how the child gets to school, how he cope with his affairs, but every time everything turns out well. Therefore, I firmly believe that you need to start trusting your children a little earlier, and not wipe them snot until old age.

I hear from other moms at times: here, my still can not fill the bed, will do everything crooked. Yes, if it's crooked, correct it later! And the other mother's daughter can not wash the dishes - remains fat. Yes, let it remain - today did not work, it will work tomorrow! Mom should not do for the child those things that he can do himself.

Still at our house there is a rule: you go on an apartment - lift from the floor that rolls and put in place. Therefore, without any work, I do not walk, but at home there is always order!

My children are my helpers. With each of them I live all the stages of their life: a kindergarten, a school, now here is the university with the eldest son - this is a new experience. It's so cool that I'm so young, and I have such an adult son.

- And besides your husband someone helps you - babysitters, grandmothers?

"We do not have babysitters, but grandmothers and my godmother always help us as far as possible." My mother is a well-deserved teacher, and my husband's mother cooks well, that's why I always joke that our children are brought up and fed. They do not take children all at once and for long, but they happily sit with them when necessary. I am grateful for such help and believe that you need to take what is offered, and not complain that no one is messing with your children round the clock. I am glad of any help - including, and from the state: maternity capital, free vouchers to summer camp. It's not very much - but it's good too.

In general, modern moms have many gadgets designed to make life easier: washing machines and dishwashers, steamers, baby monitors and so on. It is much easier for us than for our mothers. I believe that you need to think about your comfort and try to make your life easier in this sense. It is impossible to find money - save on something else and bring home comfort in your life. Ultimately, it will save your time.

Black and white shot in an antique chair - A wonderful physical form is the dream of many moms. You are ahead of the whole planet. How do you manage it?

- By nature, I'm not at all slender. But it is important for me that I do not have extra pounds, so I always work on this. Do not eat an extra bun, if I understand that it is harmful. I follow the food, do sports at home, while younger Sasha is very small. I roll the hoop, I stand in the bar, I shake the press, I walk a lot. I do not invent excuses that I do not have time and money. Sometimes other moms complain: Well, how to monitor the food - to cook for everyone and for yourself separately? The answer is one: yes. Buy a chicken, cut your breast and cook it. I every day bake buns and cakes - but that does not mean that I eat them myself. And with such willpower, I not only stimulate myself - I set an example for my children. I teach them to get things done and go to their goal.

- When you say that being a mother is a destination, what do you mean?

- The fact that I give life to a person, that a new member of society is born. And the fact that the Almighty trusts me in the education of men is not an accident. I'm not bragging, but I really know how to raise children. Of course, like all people, I have my own decline of inspiration and strength - but it is important to understand that I am a living person, I need to cheer up and go on.

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Vasilina Smotrina: "My six sons are my helpers"

Mom Vasilina's six sons Smotina is sure: even in a large family, a woman should find time for self-development, be beautiful and physically active. About how she is managing everything and what lifhakas she uses - in an interview with the portal