Candles "Genferon": effectiveness against viruses and bacteria

Interferons are substances that make the cells of the human body immune to viruses. Immediately after their discovery in the XX century, preparations appeared containing these biological molecules. By adding vitamins, anti-inflammatory and other components to the interferons, you can get effective remedies for many diseases. One of the most striking examples is Genferon. The drug is active in relation to a number of viruses, bacteria, fungal microorganisms. What does the instruction on the use of candles "Genferon" say, and is this medicine safe?

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"Genferon" in pharmacies is sold as rectal and vaginal suppositories, there are various dosages. A spray for nasal administration is also provided. The drug is well tolerated, its reception is almost never accompanied by side effects and gives a meaningful result. Reviews of candles "Genferon" confirm their effectiveness.


The main effect of the drug is due to the human interferon alpha 2b. Suppositories are available in the following dosage:

  • 125 thousand IU;
  • 250 thousand IU;
  • 500 thousand IU;
  • 1 million IU.

In addition to interferon, each suppository contains the following components:

  • – таурин в количестве 0,01 г; amino acid - taurine in an amount of 0.01 g;
  • – бензокаин или анестезин в количестве 0,055 г. an anesthetic component - benzocaine or anesthesin in an amount of 0.055 g.

In children's candles from the series "Light" an anesthetic ingredient is not present. As forming components in the composition of all candles includes macrogol, polysorbate, emulsifiers, sodium citric acid, citric acid, dextran, water and solid fat.

Operating principle

Rectal use of suppositories is comparable in terms of the speed of the effect and the subsequent concentration of the active substance in the bloodstream with injections. A rich network of blood vessels of the rectum and a special structure of the mucosa allow the drug to be rapidly absorbed. Metabolized "geneferon" in the liver and kidneys, so in the withdrawal of the drug play a role these organs. Within 12 hours after the administration of the candle, the concentration of the active substance in the blood drops by half, so that the regimens allow the use of suppositories twice a day.

In vaginal application, one part of the substance enters the systemic circulation, the remaining - acts locally. Therefore, with gynecological diseases, it is better to use "targeted" delivery of the drug to the outbreak, and if necessary to increase the systemic antiviral response, it is necessary to use the rectal route of administration.

Candles should be stored at a temperature of no higher than +4 ° C to prevent the destruction of interferon.


Human interferon is produced by special types of Escherichia coli, which were introduced by genes responsible for the production of this biologically active substance. Interferon is able to cause the following actions:

  • – останавливает размножение вирусных частиц путем дезактивации специальных ферментов и нарушении взаимодействия патогенов с клетками человека; antiviral - stops reproduction of virus particles by deactivation of special enzymes and disturbance of interaction of pathogens with human cells;
  • – активирует звенья иммунитета, отвечающие за уничтожение патогенных бактерий; antibacterial - activates the links of immunity, responsible for the destruction of pathogenic bacteria;
  • – увеличивает активность Т-хелперов (разновидности лимфоцитов) В-лимфоцитов, макрофагов, в результате иммунная система быстрее распознает патогенов, инактивирует их и создает клетки-памяти (иммунитет); immunomodulating - increases the activity of T-helpers (a variety of lymphocytes) of B-lymphocytes, macrophages, as a result the immune system more quickly recognizes pathogens, inactivates them and creates memory cells (immunity);
  • – препарат способен останавливает процессы деления вирусных клеток, а также хламидий, уреаплазм и микоплазм, поэтому назначается в комплексном лечении данных инфекций. antiproliferative - the drug is able to stop the processes of dividing viral cells, as well as chlamydia, ureaplasma and mycoplasma, therefore it is prescribed in the complex treatment of these infections.

Amino acid

Taurine has an overall stimulating effect on the body, and also increases the activity of interferon, being a trigger in the composition of the drug "Genferon". Namely, the following effects occur:

  • improves metabolism;
  • increases the ability of cells to self-repair;
  • increases the resistance of tissues to viruses and bacteria;
  • there is a neutralization of harmful products of metabolism - free radicals.

Anesthetic component

Benzocaine and anesthesin act locally, blocking the conduction of nerve impulses through the tissues. This achieves an analgesic effect, a decrease in the intensity of burning, itching, which is important in the treatment of gynecological diseases.

When is it useful to use

"Genferon" can be used in any disease, if their viral or bacterial nature is assumed. Candles "Genferon light" are more often used for children because of the lower dose of the drug and the absence of an anesthetic in the composition. Cases for use are as follows:

  • rotavirus;
  • SARS and influenza;
  • at a temperature during teething;
  • chickenpox.

The use of candles "Genferon" in gynecology includes the following list of pathologies:

  • – хламидиоз, уреаплазмоз, микоплазмоз, трихомониаз, герпес, вирус папилломы человека (особенно при ВПЧ 16 и 18 типов); STIs - chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, trichomoniasis, herpes, human papillomavirus (especially with HPV 16 and 18 types);
  • – вагинит, цервицит, эрозия шейки матки, эндометрит, аднексит; nonspecific inflammation - vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, endometritis, adnexitis;
  • – для лечения и профилактики новых эпизодов болезни; relapsing thrush - for the treatment and prevention of new episodes of the disease;
  • – бактериальный вагиноз (гарднереллез). violation of the flora of the vagina - bacterial vaginosis (gardnerellez).
The drug is prescribed in the treatment of dysplasia, especially with signs of viral damage, as well as endometriosis. It is effective to use "Genferon" in the treatment of cystitis, urethritis, as well as prostatitis in men. The drug is used in the treatment of hepatitis, cytomegalovirus infection, including during pregnancy.

A doctor gives a woman a recipe on a sheet

Who is contraindicated with the drug

Candles "Genferon" should not be used for hypersensitivity to any component of the drug, as well as with an ever-fixed allergy to analog preparations. From rectal use, it is necessary to refrain from exacerbating hemorrhoids.

Contraindications for use are autoimmune diseases, since the drug can compromise the aggravation or progression of ailments. For example, with autoimmune thyroiditis, glomerulonephritis, diabetes, scleroderma.

"Genferon" during pregnancy is allowed only from 12 weeks according to the indications. There are no data on safety of application. It is recommended to stop breastfeeding for the time of use during lactation.

Instructions for the application of "Genferon"

Depending on the purpose of therapy, the methods of using the drug differ somewhat. The main points in the treatment of women are as follows:

  • – по одной свече во влагалище два раза в день в течение десяти суток (при гинекологических заболеваниях и половых инфекциях); standard scheme - one candle in the vagina twice a day for ten days (with gynecological diseases and sexual infections);
  • – при необходимости (если есть другие суппозитории) можно закладывать ректально; an evening candle - if necessary (if there are other suppositories), you can lay it rectally;
  • – после основного лечения необходимо в течение трех месяцев закладывать по одной свече; with recurrent processes - after the main treatment it is necessary to put in one candle for three months;
  • – следует закладывать свечи ректально; with diseases not related to the genitals - candles should be filled rectally;
  • – следует перейти на ректальное использование. during menstruation - you should switch to rectal use.

Men and children should use one suppository in the rectum in the morning and in the evening.

Sprays nasal "Genferon" is used in men, women and children after 7 years - twice a day, one injection for the prevention and treatment of colds.

Complications of admission

Side effects of "Genferon" do not differ in frequency of manifestation - usually candles and spray are well tolerated. Rarely the following symptoms are observed:

  • headache;
  • increased fatigue;
  • weakness in muscles and joints;
  • decreased appetite;
  • increased sweating;
  • locally - itching, burning, increased secretion;
  • increase in temperature on the first day of admission.
If you suspect a side effect, you should first eliminate these symptoms as manifestations of the underlying disease. The doctors' comments indicate a good tolerability of the drug when administered to patients. Cases of an overdose have not been revealed.


Among the analogues of the drug for the main active substance, interferon, the following drugs can be distinguished:

  • "Viferon";
  • Interferon;
  • Kipferon;
  • Laverobion.

"Genferon" is a drug with antiviral, antibacterial activity, stimulates immunity and helps fight infection. But the indications for the use of "Genferon" are determined only by the doctor, as well as the scheme, as well as the duration of treatment.


To me, Genferon did not come. For 8 days of taking the drug (I took it rectally, because in parallel took the hexicon), I experienced just wild pains in the abdomen, slept nightly disgustingly, not to mention the consequences that did not leave me during the day)) The spouse who took this drug along with me, the sensations were the same. Natalie, I, like you, was prescribed Genferon for 1 million units a night, do as the doctor prescribed.

, Guest ,

These candles treat a variety of diseases of "female" organs. They cured thrush and herpes both very quickly and without negative consequences for the rest of the body. Recently, I was diagnosed with cervical erosion and told to do a moxibustion. But I decided to try to cure medicamentally and immediately remembered the candles. Delivered them 10 days, the doctor came in a month - the erosion was reduced. And in a year she was gone!

, Lydia ,

I was prescribed by a gynecologist - found a small erosion and the analysis of the smear was not so hot, in general I took a course of 5 candles every night - comfortable, small and do not flow, in the morning no fat spots on the bed. During the reception, my stomach ached a little, but not much. Erosion after them is pretty much delayed by the way.

, Natasha ,

Good evening to everyone. I have 18 weeks of pregnancy. The doctor prescribed candles for Genferon Light (I have chronic thrush). On the second day of their use, I experienced severe itching and burning. Prior to the introduction of this was not observed. It has been going on for 2 days. Itching and burning appear from time to time.

, Iza ,

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