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This is the most frivolous text about the horoscope for 2017, albeit with reference to solid scientific works and fashionable astrological reference books. What kind of diet is lucky in 2017, will there be a chance to get rich if you are 30 years old this year, will your bank go bankrupt - there will be, if not direct, but comprehensive answers to all these questions in it. How to treat them - decide for yourself, the stars only suggest.

The accusation of pseudoscience is the most humiliating insult for a world-renowned scientist.

Photo of an outstanding professor

Simon Schnol.

- Yes, you, my dear, for state money doing some astrology! - once a professor at Moscow State University, a biophysicist Simon Shnol heard at a scientific seminar in response to his short report on a certain mystical error in the most accurate measurements of muscle protein activity. The scientist talked about how some unknown force makes the purest biological product in a special chamber with constant pressure and temperature, isolated from electric and magnetic fields, react differently to the same research.

On the sidelines, no less venerable scientists from other scientific fields reported in mysterious whispers that other parameters also magically behave: from radioisotope activity to statistics on the number of strokes at different times of the day. In his work “Cosmophysical Factors in Random Processes”, Simon Shnol speaks about thousands of similar facts, when the error graphs of completely different measurements are similar as twin brothers.

Carefully, only at the level of a scientific hypothesis, scientists assumed the existence of clusters of gravitational fields of near and distant cosmic objects that affect all phenomena known to science. However, no one has yet risked forming this hypothesis into a solid scientific work.

We do not care!

Millions of inhabitants of the earth do not suffer from scientific scruples, and they have long recognized the influence of stars and planets on their lives. Accumulations of gravitational fields in the amateurish environment are easy to calculate and predict, than astrologers of all schools and directions have been successfully engaged in for more than one millennium. And they are not observing the stars, contrary to universal misconception, but the behavior of a person at the moment when the stars above their heads have formed into a certain picture.

Black and white portrait of a great scientist

Alexander Chizhevsky.

What a man! The behavior of whole ethnic groups depends on the favor of the luminaries. Alexander Chizhevsky, a Soviet scientist, who, unfortunately, many people know only thanks to his chandelier, the air ionizer, studied the effect of solar activity on historical processes. “Earthly echo of solar storms” - this is how he called a periodic burst of aggressiveness, not only human, but also bacterial, in response to solar radiation.

Tibetan astrologers call these bursts Menge (Meva, mark) and warn that every person every nine years is faced with the fact that his character deteriorates, habits are made unstable, attention is dulled, as a result of which he finds himself in various dangerous situations.

Therefore, if in 2017 you turn 10, 19, 28, 37 ... and so on, then you should prepare for life's surprises and be philosophical about the frills of your own psyche.

Pig Chicken - Comrade

The European School of Astrology pays special attention to the month of birth: the lunar, solar, planetary impact is decisive for it. Eastern horoscopes think broader - take into account the proximity of neighboring galaxies. The Tibetan, Mongolian, and Indian horoscopes consider the 12-year cycle especially important. It is now that we are entering the year of the Pink or Reddish Chicken (yes, it is the hen, a symbolic bird in Buddhist astrology — the female sign), which came on January 28 at 03:06 by Moscow time.

Many peoples of the East are so serious about the 12-year cycle of astrological animals that they are not only interested in the year of the beast their chief was born, doctor, hairdresser, trainer, business partner, but they recognize the symbol of the year of foundation of the bank that stores saving.

Pink Chick Figure The relationship between the symbolic animals of the eastern horoscope is a separate, yet completely unconfirmed, area of ​​astrological knowledge.

The Tibetan horoscope claims that the Hen is at enmity with the Rabbit. Translating this, useless at first glance, information into an eventual context that we can understand, for example, where does the asteroid Phaeton fall (a celestial body larger than a Chelyabinsk meteorite that approaches Earth on October 12, 2017), if astronomers miscalculated. To Moscow! Why? It was founded in 1147, the year of the Fiery Rabbit. Thanks to Fyodor Bondarchuk, even the area of ​​the fall is known - Chertanovo!

A special success in 2017 is waiting for the Pig. Everything that has appeared this year, be it an invention, a book, a person, a subject, a corporation, a work of art, will bring good luck.

Gazprom Neft is a Russian oil company founded in the Year of the Green Tree Pig. Do not buy her shares in the hope of getting rich? Especially according to the Mongolian zurkhay horoscope, every 12 years a door opens to a person for profit:

  • women aged 6, 18, 30, 42, 54 ... years,
  • men aged 1, 13, 25, 37, 49, 73 ... years.
Information for astroenthusiasts. Age in the Mongolian, Tibetan, Indian horoscopes is counted from the moment of conception.

Impulsive year - pulsed power

With regard to women's aspirations, to diets in particular, the most successful in 2017 will be the diet proposed by a nutritionist born in the Year of the Pig. But as it turned out, “pigs” in dietetics is a terrible shortage, which is logical in the worldly way, and you don’t need to look at the telescope for that.

Margarita Koroleva and Elena Malysheva, sorry, Cows, not literally, of course, but astrologically, Robert Atkins - Kon, Alexey Kovalkov - Tiger, Pierre Dyukan - Snake, Mariet Mukhina - Dog, Lydia Ionova - Hen. But as they say, “seek and find”!
Successful nutritionist and writer

Mikhail Ginzburg.

Mikhail Moiseevich Ginzburg, MD, creator of a pulsed diet, was born in the year of the Yellow Earth Pig. Here it is, the diet mascot in the year of the Pink Chicken. It is this ration that should be looked at by those who are looking for cosmic harmony in all spheres of life. By the way, the pulsed diet is one of the most clinically studied: all the criteria used to determine the effectiveness of medicines were applied to it. In this diet, fat intake is limited, there are fasting days. It is pleasant that Mikhail Moiseevich considers the refusal of dinner “torture”, and, in general, he is a wise man with a sense of humor and an undoubted literary gift, so those who choose his diet in 2017 as a guide to action will not regret it.

Information for astro skeptics. Conducting his research, Simon Shnol also noted that the number 12 in the universe plays a special role: “This is a natural system, a dozen is from God. In the Universe, there is primarily a twentier, and not a tenth. So our (coming from Babylon) time calculus is built on a twelvefold system by chance. ”
S. E. Shnol report at the XIV annual interdisciplinary scientific conference "Ethics and science of the future" magazine "Delphis". 2015

In 2017, humanity enters with caution, and it is not for nothing that the innocent Pink Chicken in the news feeds turned into a Fire Rooster. There are a lot of insinuations about its explosiveness, aggressiveness, at least allusions since 1917. But all future global catastrophes are shrinking to the level of ordinary gossip, if we remember that a year with the same astrological parameters (animal, element, meva, etc.), humankind has repeatedly lived safely, the latter was 180 years ago. Sadly, of course, that in 1837 “the poet died! “Slave of honor”, ​​but still it was quite a stable time, both on a Russian and a global scale.

Only the accession to the throne in 1837 of the new Queen of Great Britain and the great fire in the Winter Palace, which happened at that time, are alarming. But let us hope that in 2017 God will still keep the queen, and the fire alarm system will be kept at the Hermitage.

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