Candles «Neo-Pentotran»: does the price justify the quality

The variety of candles for the treatment of gynecological diseases can be misleading not only the woman, but also the doctor. Often, preference is given to combined options for reliable results, for example, the Neo-Pentotran candles. But these are not cheap suppositories. In addition, according to women, often give side effects. What does the instruction on the use of Neo-Pentotran candles say about this?

The content of the article

The drug contains antifungal and antimicrobial components. The spectrum of drug-sensitive pathogens is wide, which explains the high efficiency of Neo-Penotran.

Types of candles, composition and effectiveness

There are three varieties of the drug: vaginal tablets and suppositories Neo-Penotran, Neo-Penotran Forte and Neo-Pentotran Forte L. All of them contain as active components metronidazole and miconazole, the difference in the doses of these substances and subsequent schemes of using suppositories. In the preparation "Neo-Pentotran Forte L" additionally contains lidocaine - a local anesthetic.

Packaging the usual "Neo-Penotran" (14 pieces) costs from 774 rubles. The variant "Forte" - from 934 rubles for seven pieces. The price for the same package of "Forte L" - from 979 rubles. (Data for December 2017). Differences in drugs are presented in the table.

Table - Variety of candles from the series

Composition Neo-Penotran Neo-Penotran Forte Neo-Pentorran Forte L
Miconazole 100 mg 200 mg 200 mg
Metronidazole 500 mg 750 mg 750 mg
Lidocaine no no 100 mg

Each component of the drug acts not only at the level of the vaginal mucosa, but also enters the systemic circulation. Thanks to this, stable concentrations of active substances are created throughout the treatment. The action of "Neo-Pentotran" is expressed in the following.

  • Metronidazole. It interacts with pathogens, is embedded in their genetic material and leads to death. Metronidazole is active against trichomonads, gardnerella, peptococci, peptostreptococcus.
  • Miconazole. Suppresses the synthesis of ergosterol - a component of the cell wall of fungi, thus providing a powerful fungicidal effect. This is an excellent tool for treating and preventing thrush. In addition, miconazole has a disastrous effect on staphylococci and streptococci.
Neo-Penotran is a drug that has anti-inflammatory, antiprotozoal, antifungal effects. It can be effectively used in case of mixed infection, as well as in case of treatment without additional in-depth examination.

When appointed

The application of Neo-Penotran is effective in the following situations:

  • – эпизода молочницы и профилактики кандидозного кольпита, при хронических цервицитах; for the treatment of exacerbation - episode of thrush and prevention of Candida colpitis, with chronic cervicitis;
  • – связанном с трихомонадной инфекцией; with inflammation - associated with trichomonas infection;
  • – влагалища и при гарднереллезе; in case of violation of flora - vagina and gardnerelleza;
  • – например, после обработки радиоволнами или током; for healing the cervix - for example, after treatment with radio waves or current;
  • – и влагалищных оперативных вмешательств; on the eve of childbirth - and vaginal operations;
  • – умеренной и легкой степени, эрозии шейки матки. in the treatment of dysplasia - moderate and mild, erosion of the cervix.

The drug can be used in the complex treatment of sexual infections, such as chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis. However, it does not affect the causative agents of these diseases. Chlamydia, ureaplasma and mycoplasma should be sanitized by taking antibiotics inside.

Restrictions on use

Included in the drug metronidazole and miconazole enter the systemic circulation, are metabolized in the liver. Contraindications for the use of the agent are the following conditions:

  • – на метронидазол, миконазол или формующие компоненты; hypersensitivity reactions - on metronidazole, miconazole or molding components;
  • – особенно при сочетании нескольких препаратов; liver disease - especially when several drugs are combined;
  • – и костного мозга; blood diseases - and bone marrow;
  • – в анамнезе. seizures, epilepsy - in the anamnesis.
Use of the drug during pregnancy is not considered safe, especially in the first trimester. The components of the drug penetrate into the mother's milk, so it is undesirable to administer suppositories and vaginal pills to treatment regimens for breastfeeding. There is no convincing data on the safety of the drug for the baby.

Neo-Penotran: instructions for use

The drug use plan should be set by the doctor individually. Standard assignments include the following:

  • – на протяжении десяти дней; on the suppository in the morning and evening - for ten days;
  • – на протяжении 14 суток; on the suppository in the evening - for 14 days;
  • – на протяжении 14 суток. on the suppository twice a day - for 14 days.

For the treatment of trichomonatal colpitis, candlesticks with a higher dosage of metronidazole (Neo-Penotran Forte and Neo-Pentotran Forte L) should be preferred, and oral antitrichomonadal therapy should be supplemented. Reviews of Neo-Penotran in the treatment of this infection confirm that one remedy is small. The risk of chronization of the process increases, complications develop (for example, cystitis, urethritis).


When using vaginal tablets, you must first moisten them in water. The medication should be placed in a position slightly bent on the legs or lying down. In the box with "Neo-Penotran" there are special nozzles on the finger to make it more comfortable to administer the drug.

Candles "Neo-Pentotran" should not be used with menstruation - it is better to suspend the course of treatment, and continue after the end of the bleeding.

It is necessary to provide for an option with increasing emissions during the course. In the presence of bloody or light discharge from Neo-Piotrana, use additional personal hygiene products.

Side effects

According to the doctors' reviews, the treatment with Neo-Penotran is usually well tolerated with respect to doses and regimens. But the following side effects of the drug may be noted:

  • – зуд, жжение, отек, покраснение в месте введения; local manifestations - itching, burning, swelling, redness at the injection site;
  • – металлический привкус во рту, вздутие, диарея или замедление эвакуации каловых масс, тошнота, изжога, болезненные ощущения в животе; from the gastrointestinal tract - metallic taste in the mouth, bloating, diarrhea or slowdown of evacuation of stool, nausea, heartburn, pain in the abdomen;
  • – головная боль, мигрень и даже судорожные сокращения мышц при длительном бесконтрольном приеме, повышенная утомляемость. others - headache, migraines and even convulsive muscle contractions with prolonged uncontrolled admission, increased fatigue.

In case of an overdose, the feeling of nausea is aggravated, vomiting, dizziness, convulsions. When taking a vaginal tablet or a candle inside, you should wash your stomach or induce vomiting. When bloody discharge from Neo-Penotran appears, you should observe them, and in case of intensification seek medical help.

The girl is advised by a doctor

special instructions

When treating inflammation with Neo-Pentotrans suppositories, you should know that:

  • – возможно нарушение сознания; Unacceptable combination with alcohol - possibly a violation of consciousness;
  • – при взаимодействии лекарства и презерватива; the reliability of barrier contraception is reduced - when the drug and the condom interact;
  • – у девственниц. the drug is not used - in virgins.


Analogues of the drug with a similar active compound and dosage are the following drugs:

  • – входит 100 мг миконазола и 100 мг метронидазола; "Clio D" - includes 100 mg of miconazole and 100 mg of metronidazole;
  • – полный аналог «Нео-Пенотрана». "Metronikon-Neo" is a complete analog of Neo-Penotran.

Candles "Neo-Penotran" - a good medicine for the treatment of specific and nonspecific colpitis, including for pregnant women (only from the second trimester). But to reduce the risk of side effects, all the doctor's recommendations should be followed and the remedy should be used, strictly taking into account the indications for use.


8 months of pregnancy. The second day I take neo-pentotrans STRONG MISS! I get up 3 times a night in the toilet and every time the candle flows out, I have to take a shower to relieve the itching. At the expense of the effect is difficult to say. Good luck to all and health!

, Nyuta ,

The last time Neopenotran in 200 took .. I do not remember at all. Only if twice a day to use .. on the third day a slight burning sensation and discomfort .. and if 1 soup at night is normal! Almost from all byak (not ippp) or infections in small quantities. Flowed moderately .. enter easily. We arranged everything except the price. Then I switched to the immunity stimulator Epigen spray sex .. it's not an antibiotic .. now I've found a couple of infections and thrush .. I'm thinking of connecting an antibiotic again with a candle or its analogue Neuro-Metronikon. For most people metronidazole pobochek will not deliver .. the hustles only write as an exception - this is the individual reaction of the body

, Guest ,

Have registered these suppositories + 1 capsule of Mikomax with the diagnosis of vulvovaginitis. Read reviews - terrible horror - burns, poor health, weight loss ... .. Still decided. The price varies around 900 rubles. Has passed or has taken place course of treatment of 7 days. No burns and terrible side effects. A small disorder was (which is also included in the list of side effects.), But nothing wrong with the mood swings, it seems like PMS. And in the morning, apparently left in the form of secretions, the remnants of the candle though injected deeply. Itching and burning during sexual intercourse left (it was quite hard to be honest), I feel much better. But there were small discharge throughout the day. What is this I will specify at the next admission to the gynecologist. So do not pay much attention to reviews - all the same it all depends on your body and individual tolerance. This is a strong enough antibiotic - it kills not only bad microbes, but also good ones, so I advise you to restore the microflora after treatment.

, Solar ,

I put these candles, the whole pregnancy was toiled with thrush, then with secretions, was treated with pimafucine - the effect lasted for a maximum of a week, for me neo-pentotrans was just a rescue! full course as a doctor prescribing (2 times a day in the morning and in the evening), I did not put, only in the evening. passed and more until the end of pregnancy, I was not disturbed by the discharge. put somewhere around 30 weeks. in the annotation written contraindications the first trimester.

, * ,

The gynecologist has appointed or nominated from a candidiasis and gardeneleza plus difljukan 1 tablet. On the next day there was a metallic taste in my mouth. By evening it became very bad, the head was spinning, the nausea nearly lost consciousness, the pain on the right side, the metallic taste intensified. Caused an ambulance, they said a possible attack of cholecystitis from medications. The carrot juice did not go to the hospital and the decoction from the root of the dandelion became better, fell asleep. In the morning when I ate, again there was an aftertaste, it became bad. Descended or went to the surgeon he has told or said what is it from metronidazola and can even week to proceed.

, Pauline ,

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