Nadezhda Boykova: “Meager guests at the hotel do not want to help”

Russians prefer to have a rest in the “all inclusive” system, according to opinion polls of recent years. Very often, our compatriots entering the resorts of Turkey, Thailand, and India are met by our other compatriots — hotel and excursion guides, as well as hotel staff. Their life by the sea and the work in the field of hospitality seems to many to be a dream come true. What really is the life of a guide in Turkey, knows the Kemerovo woman Nadezhda Boykova.

Guide is ready for excursion The foreign labor adventure of Nadezhda began with one season of work as a transferman in one of the major travel companies. She managed to work on transfers, and a guide “horizontal bar”, and even as a hotel guide. But already from the next summer season in Turkey, Nadezhda “retrained” as a member of the guest relations department of a large resort hotel in Okurcalar. She subsequently worked in this area not only in Turkey, but also in Thailand.

- Nadia, before you became a guide in Turkey, have you ever been in this country as a tourist?

- Of course. Being in love with the country directly influenced my decision to start working there. I think, in any case, it is better to go and see first, and then think about "serious relationship."

- How did your expectations from work as a guide coincide with reality?

- It is difficult to answer unequivocally. The profession of a guide is a rather multi-valued thing. The transfer service, which takes you from the airport to the hotel, and the hotel guide, who then gives you excursions, are two completely different positions. The first is interrupted from bread to water, the second, if he was lucky with the commercial vein, can warm up his hands well in season. I will not even talk about earnings in this area. Tourism, like a hotel business, is the will of chance, good luck. If you can talk about something, it is only about the desire to lead a similar, free, lifestyle. Far from settled, close to "piracy" and certainly intended for those who are not timid. Since I was waiting for this, I was quite pleased. The same can be said about the work in the field of hospitality. Here, of course, there is more order, but this work is more likely for those who like to tickle nerves.

- Tell us about the most significant advantages of work in the tourist business at the resort and the biggest drawbacks of this work.

- For different people, the same things may seem both pluses and minuses. For example, tourism: one will say that a free schedule, work with guests, the need to speak foreign languages, free earnings, constantly traveling, this is cool, the other will not come close to anything like that. I can say this about work in the hotel business: if you like the atmosphere of the hotel, a jumble of different nationalities, constant movement, team spirit, and you are undemanding to the level of your income - go ahead, this is yours. However, be prepared to train stress resistance and facial muscles for a permanent smile for each guest. Believe me, it's not that simple.

Hope at your desk

- Nadia, you worked in the hospitality industry in Turkey and in Thailand. Is there a fundamental difference between these countries in terms of attitudes towards tourists? And to workers of the tourist industry?

- High-class hospitality, in essence, is the same in any country. This is the law. There are certain standards to follow. There are differences in the mentality and culture of the peoples of different countries, but this should not concern work. Guest everywhere guest. He needs to smile, he needs to be met with joy and helpfulness, to be polite, to be loyal and well-trained. Both Turkey and Thailand have everything you need for a hot reception of tourists. As part of the host-guest relationship in both states, hospitality workers do not violate service standards. Outside of these relationships, there are a million options, and they are all relative, subjective, and conditioned by a bunch of circumstances.

The Turks will try to sell you something a little more cordially, they will become your “best friend” after 10 minutes of communication, while the Thais, for all their outward smile, still remain somewhat less intrusive.

Although, if you are in a rush of vacation hopping euphoria, and “your hand is awake,” both of these will firmly stand up for their homeland. Laws need to be respected in any country, then the attitude of the locals everywhere will consistently keep on the mark of friendliness.

Being an employee of the tourism industry abroad is another matter. No "honeymoons", only the harsh everyday life! You are expected to have high labor commitment there, and your rights may not be equally respected everywhere. Subjectively, in Thailand I was more difficult than in Turkey. Briefly about the reasons: the hotel-employer did not issue me a work visa, and I had to constantly “look after” in Cambodia or Laos at my own expense, the Thais psychology and worldview turned out to be not close to me, and in their vaunted smiles felt false. Although this, again, is not a dogma! I met guys so absorbed in Siam that they didn’t imagine work anywhere else. Here, as in love: the chemistry should work!

Hope slyly winks

- Tourists have a certain amount of stereotypes regarding employees of travel agencies and hotel personnel. For example, that all Turks-animators only dream of marrying a European and leaving Turkey. That guides on excursions take half of the information, as they say, from the head. Have you encountered such stereotypes and how true they are?

- As for the dreams of animators - for the first time I hear that. However, it’s common for people to clutter their heads with stereotypes, vacationers are also famous for this. For example, they are sure that the employees of the travel sphere are busy only with the fact that they sunbathe and bathe, earning millions at the same time. Of course, this is not true.

Guides compose all kinds of fables, spice up historical facts with anecdotes, tear up their shoes while they go, but just to keep tourists from getting bored.

Guide must be able to keep the whole bus in attention for several hours. Dry facts can not do here. People did not come to the lecture, after all, but to relax, have fun, raise their spirits. All travel industry should, in fact, provide a high spirits guest.

There is one more. Sick - I can not be silent. For some reason, many hotel guests are sure that female workers from the reception, “girls behind the counter,” are enough to donate Alenka chocolate for their efforts. Well, you understand: greetings from homeland and all that. Tourists are taking kilograms of Alenka to resorts! The phenomenon gets frightening scales! Among the epidemic "Alenka" units with dried fish, smoked sausage and strong drinks from duty free are perceived as a true miracle. And therefore I appeal to potential vacationers: “People, do not be stingy with the aforementioned! Believe me, in a foreign land without native sausage, without condensed milk and buckwheat is hard for us! ”By the way, as well as without a tip. Introduce a stereotype about tips in your heads: they are accepted in Turkey, waiting for them, stingy guests do not want to help. I'm serious.

Hope in a blue dress stands at the counter - You blog about your everyday life at the time when you worked in Turkey. Why do you need it?

- Not only in Turkey, I write about Thailand, India, Georgia and other countries. I myself call all this writing a “blog about life, tourism and work abroad.” Why write? Then, I want to inform people about the backstage tourism and hotel business. I want tourists, “packs,” who prefer the finished tourist product, to go to resorts more knowledgeable, so that they cleverly bypass all the pitfalls of the hospitality industry of the countries I write about.

I am read and many colleagues. For them, this is entertainment, the opportunity to discharge after a busy day of work, recognizing yourself or your superiors in the situations described. You understand, when at work a blockage, you need to look for reasons to laugh. Sometimes gloating. If you like this approach, and you want to learn more different secrets, welcome to my blog “Bumagomaraka” .

- How, in your opinion, do those who have studied at universities in specialties related to tourism have advantages in work over those who do not have a diploma?

- Recently, I increasingly notice in the job advertisements the condition of special education, but, as a rule, there is a postscript “it is desirable” or “it will be your advantage”. Often the outcome of the case decides the number of foreign languages ​​that the applicant has, experience and the ability to present themselves to the future employer.

The girl in a white blouse is standing at the railing - Imagine that before you are tourists who are going to go on vacation to Turkey. Would you have for them some tips on choosing a hotel, behavior at the hotel? Are there any life hacking in all inclusive hotels, using which you can improve, ease, diversify your vacation?

- Well, subjectively I will say this: choose those hotels that recently opened, new, with good repair and the desire of the owners to win the loyalty of guests. Remember that in Alanya service is cheaper, but simpler, in Kemer - pebble beaches and more insects because of the proximity of the Taurus, on the Aegean Sea coast is cooler, but the colors of the sea and the scenery around are simply gorgeous!

Often, the location of the hotel write shortly: Kemer, Antalya, Alanya. I advise you to clarify, because the hotel is often located in tourist villages such as Goynuk, Beldibi, Okurcalar, Türkler, Konakli, etc. If you prefer to go to a noisy, cheerful city in the evening, then you will hardly like the hotel’s remoteness from entertainment centers, when to the nearest disco will have to take a taxi. In general, you should study the description of the hotel and its surroundings on the Internet yourself. View room types so that when you sell a tour you don’t slip a remote case at the lowest price.

To select the best room, seasoned tourists do this: they buy the cheapest one, and at the reception they put the treasured hundred dollars in their passports, and the delighted manager immediately gives them the keys to the sea-view room. It works.

About the behavior I have already said, everything is simple: respect the country and its laws. It is not difficult, you just need to keep within the framework of elementary decorum. It is necessary to learn languages ​​at least at the level of everyday interactions. Everywhere, wherever I am, people are equally happy to hear native language from the lips of foreigners. It helps to establish a trusting relationship. And there are a lot of benefits: local tips, tips, where to exchange money, where to eat better, how to get there, what to see, etc.

There is one more universal tip. Enjoy your holiday! Yes exactly. Learn to relax, manage this week or two, squeeze out of the rest all you can. Do not waste time looking for flaws, quarrels with the administration and your guide. You escaped from all this - so enjoy your every day near the sea under the southern sun.

Avid sailor on the ship

- Now imagine that in front of you are girls and boys who dream of going to the sea to work as guides. Got something to tell them? Warn? Give valuable advice?

- I can say this: go. Do not be afraid, do not hesitate. In any case, even one season there will give you much more than a few years at home. Change your comfort zone, learn, gain practice in foreign languages, grind like pebbles in the surf, get your bumps and rewards. Take a chance! Otherwise, then you regret the missed opportunity, and this is an extremely bitter feeling. I will not even warn about any dangers and so on. We must live to the fullest!

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