Constipation during pregnancy: Normoflorins come to the rescue

A safe and effective solution to the problem of constipation during pregnancy is the course taking of probiotics of the new generation Normoflorin. These modern biocomplexes have no contraindications and side effects, which makes them the best choice for pregnant women for whom the safety issue is particularly acute. Let us examine the reasons for the occurrence of such an unpleasant phenomenon as constipation while the child is waiting, and also find out how taking Normoflorins can save a woman in an “interesting position” from this problem.


English babysitters in Russia: just like one, two, three

The question of whether a child will be able to master two (or even three) languages ​​is not even raised in homes with a natural bilingualism environment. If a German papa asks for breakfast at the salt (Führen Sie bitte das Salz) and the mother with American roots sings lullabies in his native language for the night (Hush, papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird), baby willy-nilly learns to understand several adverbs at the same time. But if the parents speak only Russian?


Rating of the best strollers 2016

Choosing a pram is a challenge. A good model should have high-quality upholstery, wheels with high permeability, reliable shock absorption, a good protective hood. If this is a walking model, then attention should also be paid to seat belts, a protective visor.