Candles of "Longidase" and injections of the medicine: are they really effective in treating adhesions

To anticipate the formation of adhesions is not in the power of any doctor - this is a feature of the organism of every person. More often such "threads" are formed after ectopic pregnancy, cyst ruptures, and also after the usual inflammatory process. Instruction for the application of "Longidase" indicates the high effectiveness of the drug not only for prevention, but also for the treatment of adhesions, as well as their consequences. Is this true?

The content of the article

Spikes are cell proliferations. Often they are compared to threads, since they connect organs and tissues to each other, for example, the intestine, uterus and the surface of the peritoneum, rectum and cervix. In these "threads" are the vessels, nerves. Even physiological movement of organs causes tension of adhesions and pain. In addition, the adhesion process can "close" the lumen of the fallopian tubes and cause infertility. Such threads can form in any part of the genitals - the uterine cavity, the cervical canal, the vagina.

Composition and principle of action

"Longidase" refers to enzyme preparations and contains in the composition bovgiialuronidase - an "improved" version of the natural human enzyme. The most popular candles for rectal and vaginal use, but the drug is also available in ampoules for intramuscular and subcutaneous injection. The main properties of the medicine are as follows:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antioxidant;
  • immunomodulating;
  • enzymatic.

"Longitude" works best as a prevention of adhesion. In this case its antifibrotic properties are caused by the following:

  • – они повреждают ткани и способствуют дальнейшему формированию в них спаек; reduces the number of inflammatory mediators in the hearth - they damage tissues and contribute to the further formation of adhesions in them;
  • – обычный фермент гиалуронидаза при 37 °С перестает работать, именно поэтому чаще всего спайки – последствия осложненного заживления, с температурой и нагноением; resistant to high temperatures - the usual enzyme hyaluronidase at 37 ° C stops working, which is why most often spikes are the consequences of complicated healing, with temperature and suppuration;
  • – именно из него начинают «строиться» спайки; Inactivates the stimulators of collagen formation - it is from it that spikes begin to be "built";
  • – это составная часть уже образовавшихся «нитей», разрушая связи между гликозаминогликанами, гиалуронидаза уменьшает натяжение спаек, снимает отечность, повышает подвижность ранее зафиксированных частей органов. acts on glycosaminoglycans - this is part of the already formed "threads", destroying the connections between glycosaminoglycans, hyaluronidase reduces the tension of adhesions, relieves swelling, increases the mobility of previously recorded parts of organs.
"Longidase" intentionally destroys protein complexes, preventing the formation of pathological cell proliferation. If spikes already exist, it partially destroys their structures, thereby reducing the clinical manifestations of the disease.

Product Benefits

Longitude is a safe medicine. According to the instructions the preparation has the following advantages:

  • does not increase the risk of cancer;
  • does not inhibit actively dividing cells;
  • does not affect the ovum and sperm;
  • does not cause allergic reactions;
  • does not worsen tissue healing;
  • does not provoke the development of inflammation;
  • does not slow the recovery of bones after surgery;
  • does not accumulate in tissues;
  • distributed throughout the body at regular intervals;
  • bioavailability of the drug in candles is about 90%;
  • the maximum concentration in the blood is reached after an hour;
  • enhances the action of analgesics and antibiotics.
All the presented properties provide the main therapeutic effect of "Longidase". The drug regulates the formation of connective tissue in the body (and this is the basis of adhesions), without causing a serious side effect. All this contributes to its wide popularity.

When used

Candles of "Longidas" are prescribed for all diseases where there is hyperplasia (pathological proliferation) of connective tissue. The range of applications covers the list of ailments.

  • Urology. With narrowing of the ureter and urethra, with acute and chronic cystitis, with prostatic hyperplasia, for the prevention of scar formation after performing surgical operations on the organs of the urinary system.
  • Dermatovenereology. In diseases of connective tissue (for example, scleroderma), to prevent the formation of scars and constrictions in the course of active inflammation.
  • Surgery. In order to prevent an active adhesive process on the abdominal organs after performing operations, as well as to improve the healing of complex wounds.
  • . Pulmonology . Used for tuberculosis, pneumosclerosis and other processes in which pulmonary tissue is replaced by a connective tissue.
  • Orthopedics. During the treatment of joint contractures, spondyloarthrosis.

The use of "Longitude" candles in gynecology also has a wide range of diseases. The drug is used:

  • in complex treatment for the ovarian follicular cyst;
  • infertility tubal factor;
  • with fusion inside the uterine cavity;
  • with chronic and acute adnexitis;
  • with any form of endometritis, cervicitis;
  • after performing operations and laparoscopy;
  • after small manipulations (scraping, abortion);
  • with endometriosis.

Candles of "Longidase" with endometriosis, adhesions, with ovarian cysts and infertility, as well as for the prevention of other complications due to connective tissue hyperplasia is a means of choice.

"Longitude" allows you to preserve the anatomical location of all internal organs, avoid the formation of adhesions, maintain reproductive health and increase the chances of pregnancy. In addition, the drug is used in anesthetic practice to enhance the effect of certain substances.

Instruction for the application of "Longidase"

Indications for use, as well as the form of the medicine (injection or suppository) can only be determined by a doctor. Duration of therapy can vary, as well as treatment regimens in specific situations.


The standard treatment scheme of "Longidazoy" includes placing candles in the rectum or vagina every day or every two to three days. The total duration of treatment is usually 10 to 20 injected suppositories, which is about two months.

If necessary, the course of treatment can be repeated every three months. If "Longidase" is used for maintenance therapy, candles should be put once every five to seven days for three to four months. You can insert suppositories as follows.

  • . Vaginally . It is convenient to lay down for the night in the supine position on the back, it is also possible to insert the candles in the semi-sitting position. During menstruation it is necessary either to cancel the use of candles, or to use "Longidasu" in the rectum.
  • Rectally. Before the introduction of the suppository it is necessary to empty the rectum, to conduct elementary hygienic procedures. To lay also in a lying or half-sitting position. Do not use this route of administration for exacerbation of hemorrhoids or proctitis.


"Longidase" is administered only intramuscularly or subcutaneously, intravenous injection can not be carried out. The main principles of drug therapy are as follows.

  • . One ampoule is introduced . It contains 3000 IU of active substance. Before the introduction of lyophilisate (the contents of the ampoule), it is necessary to dilute in 1-2 ml of 0.25% or 0.5% Procan or in 0.9% sodium chloride solution (physiological solution).
  • . A circuit is used for the introductions . Most often, injections are given with a frequency of once every three to five days. The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor, on average the course is from five to twenty introductions.
If you missed the next dose of medication, you should not double the next. It is necessary simply to continue therapy according to the scheme, despite the violation. If you decide to cancel the drug, you can stop taking it at any time, without gradually reducing the dose - withdrawal syndrome and other similar complications do not develop.

Who can not

Despite the relative safety of Longidase and good tolerability, there are contraindications to the drug. They include the following:

  • hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;
  • bleeding from the lungs;
  • vitreous hemorrhage;
  • established oncological diseases;
  • kidney failure;
  • not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

Complications of admission

Comments of doctors and women who used the drug indicate the following possible side effects:

  • – в месте введения лекарства при использовании уколов; morbidity - at the site of the drug when using injections;
  • – в месте инъекции или в области вульвы и влагалища. itching, redness, small swelling - at the injection site or in the vulva and vagina.
Usually all the unpleasant sensations associated with the use of the medication, go on their own for three days and do not require additional treatment. If the doses and reception schedules are not adhered to, an overdose may occur. The condition is characterized by fever, headache and dizziness, a drop in pressure. In this case, seek medical attention.

Injection in the buttock

special instructions

Often candles or injections of "Longidase" are prescribed in a complex of anti-inflammatory treatment. In such situations it is necessary to take into account the possible interaction of drugs and the enhancement of the expected therapeutic effect of the drugs. Especially such effect is observed at a combination of "Longidase" with antibiotics, diuretic, anaesthetizing medicines owing to increase in their bioavailability for an organism.

Salicylates, preparations based on estrogens and glucocorticosteroids can reduce the effectiveness of Longidase.

Taking the drug is not desirable to combine with the use of alcohol. "Longitude" does not affect the speed of mental reaction, so during the treatment you can lead a normal lifestyle and do all the work.


There are no complete analogues of the drug. Among drugs with a similar effect, we can distinguish the following:

  • – содержит комплекс растительных ферментов и полученных от животных; "Wobenzym" - contains a complex of plant enzymes and derived from animals;
  • содержит в качестве активного компонента гиалуронидазу; "Lidase" - contains as an active component of hyaluronidase;
  • – комплекс из трех ферментов. "Phlogenzyme" is a complex of three enzymes.

The effectiveness of "Longidase" depends not only on the timeliness of the appointment, but also on the characteristics of the woman's body. Can use both nyxes and suppositories. Reviews of the candles "Longidas" indicate the simplicity, ease of use and virtually no side effects.

Testimonials: "I delivered 10 injections. Since 2007, spikes do not bother "

Hello! I'm new to the site. To me, my gynecologist prescribed 10 injections of longidase plus suppositories with polyoxidonium due to the fact that a small polyp (endometrium, 3 mm) was found on the uzi. The injections did, a little painful. The next cycle came - no polyps and no suspicions were found. Longitude also does not allow the tissues to expand and sooo very well relieves inflammation, but I think spikes are unlikely to "cure", rather it goes as an auxiliary or as spikes have the property of expanding and returning-longidase prevents it. Although now (a year has passed since then), I again have a suspicion of a polyp, although it is of a larger size. Probably again they will propose to pierce the longidase .... Pisolkin,

I have already completed a course of 10 injections, put 1 injection every 5 days, against the background of injections, according to G.'s instructions, I took still vobenzym + physioprocedures, the result is already visible, we can feel it more quickly, the tension at the examination of G. disappeared, -diagnosis of endometriosis. As for the fact that these injections are more painful, this garbage, girls, sulfurous magnesia is many times "more pleasant". Of the unpleasant sensations, there was a slight reddening of the buttocks and itching. And it is better to buy injections with packs of 5 pcs., Then to the perception of the preparation by the body. Lizzie,

For a long time it was 7 years ago. I oooooooochen good gynecologist advised - could not get pregnant a few months, decided not to pull - when a year can not))))) she found my inflammatory process. I did injections of Longidaz. 5 items. Every 5 days. - store them in the refrigerator. Bolnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy they - these injections)))) after 5 months - became pregnant and gave birth. Katyusha,

I have postoperative spikes in the small pelvis since 2002. Approximately once a half of the year there was an exacerbation, pains were such that you can not describe! Sometimes even called an ambulance, because I could not get out of bed. And this happened for several years. After another hospitalization, my gynecologist ordered me to Longidaz. Has put 10 injections. Since 2007, spikes do not bother. This is a miracle drug !! I recommend to all! Galina,

Hi I had a course of Longidasis in the spring 10 times every 5 days. Have appointed or nominated for treatment hr. endometritis. Well, just do not have a pronounced inflammation. Simply M were very painful and very abundant. Therefore, the treatment was without antibiotics. Among other things, I was prescribed physiotherapy (first a magnetolaser, then an ultrasound), immunomodulating suppositories and homeopathic injections to build up the endometrium. About Longidazu read only good. Well, if in fact. I can not say that I see a concrete result. M remained the same plentiful, after them it still smeared for a long time. BT in the first phase is too high. Before the treatment, it was even better. Therefore….. denken,

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