Candles (capsules) "Laktozhinal": features of application for restoration of flora

Infringement of flora of a vagina - the companion of inflammatory process. Any antibacterial drug acts not selectively on the pathogen, but inhibits the growth of beneficial microorganisms. Therefore, after the course of treatment, it is important to "populate" free places with lactobacilli in a timely manner, which will continue to maintain health. The instruction for the use of "Laktozhinalya" asserts that the drug is completely safe and effective. Is it so?

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The drug is available in the form of capsules, and the concept of "Laktozhinal" suppositories is popular only because many people consider any form of the drug as suppositories, if the implication is to insert into the vagina.

Composition and principle of action

Sterility of the vagina immediately leads to the emergence of bacterial vaginosis or vaginitis. Normally, in order to maintain a healthy balance on the mucosa, there must be Dederlein sticks, they are also lactobacilli. Creating an acidic environment, they inhibit the growth and reproduction of pathogens. Each capsule "Laktozhinal" in its composition contains 341 mg of microorganisms - lactic acid bacteria, which in terms of quantity - 1 * 10 8 . And lactobacilli are in lyophilized state.

This means that they have undergone a special kind of drying with the action of extremely low temperatures. After lyophilization, they retain their properties when they fall into favorable conditions of life (in particular, on the mucous membranes of the vagina), but have a reduced rate of all biological reactions. The lactobacillus contributes to the following in the vagina.

  • . Create an acidic environment . This leads to the activation of their own lactobacilli. Their intensive reproduction leads to the displacement of conditioned pathogens (for example, E. coli, epidermal streptococcus, protea) and a decrease in the probability of a relapse of inflammation not only in the vagina, but also in the urinary system (for example, in chronic cystitis).
  • . Prevent the growth of candidiasis . Lactobacilli enter into antagonistic relations with candida fungi, which leads to a decrease in the intensity of growth of the latter. They also excrete special antifungal (protio-fungal) substances that destroy Candida. Therefore, the vaginal capsules "Laktozhinal" are widely used to prevent the recurrence of thrush after the main course of treatment.
  • . Increase local immunity . The acidic environment in the vagina provides protection from external pathogens. Infection is delayed here, not moving further into the cervical canal and the uterine cavity.


The drug is convenient and effective for the prevention and treatment of inflammation in the vagina. The main advantages are the following:

  • с антибиотиками и противовирусными препаратами, сочетать с иммуномодуляторами; can be used simultaneously - with antibiotics and antiviral drugs, combined with immunomodulators;
  • во влагалищном секрете, что важно для зачатия при планировании беременности; increases the activity of spermatozoa - in the vaginal secret, which is important for conception in the planning of pregnancy;
  • безопасно его использование; during pregnancy and lactation - it is safe to use it;
  • не зафиксированы; cases of overdose - not fixed;
  • от приема «Лактожиналя» развиваются редко и не представляют опасности. side effects - from the reception of "Laktozhinalya" are rare and do not pose a danger.

In addition, "dry" capsules ensure minimal leakage of medication from the vagina.

When appointed

Indications for the use of "Laktozhinalya" are as follows.

  • . After treatment colpitis . Vaginal capsules are prescribed during the treatment of inflammation or after the completion of the main scheme, as well as in gardnerellez.
  • . On the eve of operations . To improve the subsequent healing of the joints. This is especially true for vaginal operations, when removal of the uterus, appendages or manipulation of the cervix is ​​performed by this access, and not through the incision on the abdomen.
  • . During pregnancy . When border smears from the vagina, as well as on the eve of childbirth to prevent breaks, it is important to minimize any inflammation in the vagina.
  • . For the prevention of thrush . After relief of an acute attack of candidiasis, "Laktozhinal" is appointed to restore microflora and prevent relapses.
  • . In menopause . To reduce the manifestations of dryness, burning and such unpleasant sensations.

Restrictions on use

The use of Laktozhinal suppositories in gynecology and obstetrics is unacceptable in the following cases:

  • – помимо лактобактерий в составе есть соединения магния, натрия, лактоза, желатин; with hypersensitivity - in addition to lactobacilli in the composition there are compounds of magnesium, sodium, lactose, gelatin;
  • препарат безопасен, но ввиду отсутствия клинических испытаний на этой возрастной группе, официально юный возраст является противопоказанием; in girls and adolescents - the drug is safe, but due to the lack of clinical trials in this age group, officially young age is a contraindication;
  • использование капсул в момент обострения молочницы усугубит жжение, зуд; acute candidiasis colpitis - the use of capsules at the time of exacerbation of thrush aggravate burning, itching;
  • не следует использовать капсулы во время месячных, так как эффект от лечения будет несколько ниже заявленного, лучше пропустить «критические дни» и затем продолжить терапию. restrictions of reception at a menses - it is not necessary to use capsules during monthly, as the effect from treatment will be a little below declared, it is better to pass "critical days" and then to continue therapy.


Usually the drug is well tolerated, reviews about Laktozhinale prove it. Of the side effects can be identified as follows:

  • itching of the vulva;
  • burning sensation in the vagina;
  • swelling of the external genitalia;
  • increase in the number of vaginal secretions.

Instruction for the application of "Laktozhinal"

The standard drug use regimens are as follows:

  • – по одной капсуле на ночь в течение двух недель; the first scheme - one capsule per night for two weeks;
  • – по одной капсуле утром и вечером на протяжении недели. the second scheme - one capsule in the morning and in the evening for a week.
Before laying the drug in the vagina, it is enough to conduct basic hygienic procedures. Douches and similar manipulations without prescribing a doctor are not necessary. The capsule must be moistened with water and placed deep into the vagina with the middle finger of the hand. You can spend it lying down, standing or in the position of the half-squat.

Smiling girl lying on the bed


To improve the effectiveness of treatment, it is useful to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • – во время использования «Лактожиналя» следует воздержаться от любого вида секса и при необходимости провести лечение партнера; to refuse from a sexual life - during use of "Laktozhinal" it is necessary to refrain from any kind of sex and if necessary to spend treatment of the partner;
  • выделения после «Лактожиналя» необильные, но могут беспокоить; use hygienic gaskets - the release after Laktozhinalya is uninhabitable, but may bother;
  • многие пары практикую спермициды в качестве контрацепции, препарат может снижать их действие. do not use spermicides - many couples practice spermicides as contraception, the drug may reduce their effect.


On the market there is a large number of analog preparations based on lactobacilli. Popular and effective are presented in the table.

Table - Than it is possible to replace a medicine

A drug The composition of a single dose The form
"Acilact" 107 lactobacilli Candles
Lactobacterin 107 lactobacilli - Pills;
- Candles;
- solution
Lactonorm 108 lactobacilli Vaginal Capsules
Vagilak 109 lactobacilli - Vaginal capsules;
- Gel

The wide use of Laktozhinal candles in gynecology and obstetrics is due to their effectiveness and safety, including during pregnancy and lactation, as evidenced by the reviews of doctors and women. The drug does not act as a medicine for inflammation of the genitals, it only helps increase the number of beneficial bacteria on the mucosa and reduce the likelihood of recurrences of inflammation of the vagina.

Reviews: "The improvement has already felt in five days"

Capsules contain powder. When used, the capsule flows in the morning from the vagina in the form of water. It is advisable to use a gasket. When taking the drug, there was a feeling of comfort. There were no exacerbations of thrush. Pathogenic discharge after treatment with this drug has decreased and almost disappeared. By the general smear on the flora handed over after a 2-month treatment, appointed by the doctor, the smear has entered my normal range. Lactoflora recovered. The white blood cells were normal. poupees11,

This is a rather intimate problem only for women. After childbirth, I ran into bacterial vaginosis. I put the diagnosis to myself and for several months I was at the dacha sampling miramistin. chlorhexidine, but this was not particularly useful, although I honestly douched each day several times. The result is zero. When she returned to the city the problem remained rather acute, and the doctor was not immediately able to get there. The doctor confirmed my diagnosis and after the tests I prescribed this drug and Vagilak. 1 box was enough. These are quite small capsules for vaginal application. Easily introduced, then the shell came out. So it coincided that the cycle was just restored and after the first monsters I began to be treated. After the reception, everything became smaller, but it did not disappear. Completely everything (the smell, excretion) is a thing of the past after the second monsters. I think the drug helped, but most importantly, still probably, the restoration of immunity is suppressed during pregnancy. So I regard it as "crutches for immunity". At least it is completely safe. Vera,

Hello, I used this drug as prescribed by a doctor. There were no side effects, it helped perfectly, after several used analogs, which did not give a result. Raski,

I never wrote reviews. But I use strangers. And here, for the first time, I can not help writing, because I did not feel such terrible pain and irritation of mucous membranes yet from one drug. and therefore I want to warn others that the possible side effects are incommensurable with the treatment itself. Although I took the drug after terzhinana. It is better to take lactobacillus through the interior than through such a vulnerable place. The drug is very expensive, so I thought it was good ... Svetlana,

Restoration of microflora after antibiotics - the French eubiotic Laktozhinal. It was treated with bacterial vaginosis with antibiotics - like successfully, and the tests are normal, and the dryness and itching did not go away even after the course was completed. Although they became smaller. The gynecologist said that this is normal, because the antibiotic destroyed all microflora in the vagina: both pathogenic and healthy. It is necessary to restore. Also has advised "Laktozhinal". It's not cheap, but it's already done a lot of research, so there's a certainty that it works. And yet he has a prophylaxis of thrush in the indications that after vaginosis is also important. Has bought or purchased. It is made in France, for that and extra charge, probably. There are 14 transparent capsules with cream filling in the bottle. Capsules are small, comfortable. The instructions say that, in addition to excipients, the capsule consists of a huge amount (1x108 cfu) of L. casei rhamnosus Doderleini bacteria. These bacteria "improve local metabolic processes and contribute to the restoration of natural local immunity." It is not surprising that the treatment is not fast - not synthetic by immunity, but by living bacteria, by the bygone-polegonku. I was treated for 14 days, put one capsule at night. Improvement has already felt in five days. A good remedy, carefully and naturally restores our microflora. Khazova Marina Sergeevna,

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