The drug "Xenical" for weight loss: how to apply, side effects, analogues

On the modern pharmaceutical market, there are not so many means to reduce body weight with a proven clinical effect. This small group includes orlistat medications, for example, Xenical. Instructions for use "Xenical" says that it is effective in alimentary obesity and type 2 diabetes. In addition, it is registered as a medicinal product, and not a biologically active food additive (BAD). What does it mean?

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Registration of a pharmaceutical as a medicine allows you to be sure that it has passed clinical trials. In turn, this means that the drug is tested by the experience of several thousand people, the contraindications to its use and possible risks associated with use are fully investigated.

Multi-level checks "Xenical" confirmed that this tool can be used for weight loss as one of the most effective. In favor of its use is the characteristic of complete safety - "Xenical" does not have a systemic effect.


The main indication for the use of the drug "Xenical" is obesity. Doctors slightly clarify this point - obesity is the weight at which the body mass index exceeds the figure 30. It is acceptable to use "Xenical" for correcting the figure with excess weight. With it, the body mass index is higher than 25.

Doctors can not prohibit the use of the drug to all comers, but they say that taking Xenical to get rid of a few pounds of fat is inappropriate. All the same, the remedy refers to medicines and is designed to treat patients of a particular group. In private, "Xenical" can be prescribed as part of a comprehensive treatment of the following diseases.

  • Diabetes type 2. With diabetes, disorders of tolerance of body cells to glucose are noted. In some cases, the normalization of weight contributes to the stabilization of tolerance, which reduces the need for taking hypolipidemic drugs.
  • Hypertonic disease. Hypertensive disease always "walks side by side" with obesity, acting as its negative consequence.
  • Atherosclerosis. The use of Xenical in atherosclerosis helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood, which positively affects the dynamics of treatment and prevents serious changes in the vascular walls.
  • With hormonal disorders. "Xenical" doctors appoint full women, when planning pregnancy, when infertility is provoked by hormonal failures or there is a risk of inability to endure a child due to obesity. For example, after multiple miscarriages in a full lady.
All mentioned indications are listed for inspection, and the use of the drug in similar situations necessarily requires agreement with the attending physician.

How the drug works

The active substance of the drug "Xenical" - orlistat, is a white crystalline powder encapsulated in a gelatin capsule of blue color. The dosage of one capsule is 120 mg. A chemical substance belongs to the group of hypolipidemic agents. "Xenical" has a number of pharmacological actions on the body that contribute to weight loss, namely:

  • prevents the accumulation of new deposits;
  • lowers cholesterol in the blood;
  • provides normalization of sensitivity of cells to glucose;
  • reduces the internal secretion of insulin.

All these pharmacological effects are based on the unified principle of the action of "Xenical". The drug begins to actively work in the lumen of the small intestine, inactivating the enzyme lipase of gastric and pancreatic juices. Due to this, large molecules of fats do not split up to monoglycerides and fatty acids, which means that fat from food is not absorbed by the walls of the intestine, passing through it "in transit". This is the basis for other actions of the drug.

  • Effect on cholesterol. Without fat, low-density lipoproteins (harmful cholesterol) can not be absorbed from food, which leads to a decrease in their blood levels.
  • Influence on insulin. Reducing the concentration of lipids causes the normalization of cell tolerance to sugar. This leads to a full-fledged assimilation of glucose, which means that the body needs less insulin for processing sugars.
  • Effect on fat. Chronic calorie deficit when taking "Xenical" causes the body to use fat deposits.
  • Effect on weight maintenance. When taking the drug, the patient gets used to eating less fatty foods, which ensures the stability of weight after the end of the course of treatment.

To fully describe the effect of the drug can be so: the reception of "Xenical" requires reducing the amount of fat in the diet. Otherwise, you will have to face side effects in the form of leakage of fat from the anus (steatorrhea) and increased frequency of the stool. This forms healthy eating habits in the patient.

Of the food that a person consumes as part of a diet, 30% of fats are not absorbed at all, leaving the intestine unchanged. This creates a constant deficit of calories, the amount of which has already been reduced by the diet. The use of "Xenical" with losing weight gives a result - a person loses about 10% of body weight, without suffering from radical prohibitions on food, complexly improving the body, gradually moving to a more healthy diet.

About security

The drug "Xenical" is considered the safest of existing on the market of funds for weight loss. The reason for this is the local action of the remedy, exclusively in the lumen of the intestine. Absence of systemic influence provides a significant narrowing of the list of side effects and contraindications to use, which can not be said about plant-based preparations. Contraindications include:

  • obvious violations of intestinal absorption;
  • diseases of the gallbladder and bile ducts;
  • the period of breastfeeding;
  • pregnancy;
  • age to 18 years.

Harm, which accompanies the drug primus - impaired absorption of fat-soluble vitamins - A, E, D, K. Therefore, for the prevention of hypovitaminosis, doctors recommend to use the drug for the duration of treatment, as additional sources of these nutrients.

An additional advantage of the drug "Xenical" is the lack of risk of overdose and the negative effect of using increased doses of the drug. Clinical trials with high doses have confirmed the invariability of the effect of losing weight compared with the use of standard therapeutic dosages. This indicates that there is no sense in taking more capsules in order to increase or accelerate weight loss.

The drug is contraindicated in pregnancy and feeding because of the risk of lack of vitamins, which can adversely affect the condition of mom and child. Complete elimination of "Xenical" from the body occurs for three days, which indicates the possibility of using the drug in planning for conception.

Girl taking medicine

Instructions for use "Xenical" for weight loss

To achieve a noticeable slimming effect, it is important to take "Xenical" for weight loss correctly. Comprehensive information is provided by the doctor, however, some patients understand it incorrectly. Typical errors in the treatment are as follows.

  • . Impaired reception time . "Xenical" must be taken during meals. If, for some reason, this could not be done, it is necessary to swallow the capsule within an hour after eating. Such an approach will ensure a uniform distribution of the active substance in the food lump, as well as an effective blocking of the lipase. If you take the drug before meals, the composition of the capsule simply gets into the large intestine prematurely and will be removed from the body without having any effect.
  • Multiplicity of use. Capsules are taken one to three times a day. The scheme of reception of "Xenical" is flexible and depends on what and when the patient eats. Doctors recommend taking the medication with each meal, if the dish can be attributed to bold. For example, after breakfast out of porridge without oil and coffee, you do not need to drink Xenical. If the morning meal consists of a sandwich with butter and cheese - you need to take one capsule.
  • Dysfunction of diet. The effectiveness of Xenical treatment depends on the balance of the diet. If the patient does not reduce the concentration of fat in it, do not expect striking effects. The drug neutralizes only 30% of fat, the rest will be digested for physiological reasons.
  • Premature termination of the course. Most obese patients are waiting for a lightning result. Not noticing it after a couple of weeks, they stop taking the drug. Nevertheless, the minimum course of treatment is two months, and the maximum - six months. The effectiveness of losing weight directly depends on the observance of the duration of the course. Doctors recommend that you continuously drink "Xenical" for three months.

A frequently asked question in patients is the compatibility of Xenical with alcohol. Orlistat does not react with alcohols, because it does not interact with alcohol. Moderate use of it does not affect the result of losing weight with the drug.

The drug is sold in a pharmacy without a prescription. Anyone can buy it, however, nutritionists strongly recommend using medicines for weight loss only as prescribed by the doctor, with the strict observance of his instructions.

So are the side effects terrible?

All the side effects of "Xenical" are due to changes in the contents of the intestine, namely - the inclusion of feces of fat in its pure form. This can provoke:

  • pain in the abdominal region;
  • uncontrolled discharge from the intestine;
  • flatulence;
  • increased frequency of stools;
  • liquid stool;
  • oiliness of feces.

Doctors emphasize the patients' attention that "Xenical" for weight loss will not cause such trouble, ate strictly follow the instructions on nutrition. The use of excessively fatty food will provoke not only steatori, but also involuntary defecation, since fatty discharge will simply flow down the walls of the intestine downwards.

Violation of absorption of vitamins is a serious side effect that can be corrected. You can use vitamin supplements in a couple of hours after the slimming remedy. The intake of vitamins is mandatory for women during menopause, because for them the sufficient presence of each nutrient in the body is especially important.


The drug "Xenical" has analogues:

  • Orlip;
  • "Xenistat";
  • "Xenalten";
  • Orlimax.
Their reception requires the same conditions and recommendations, accompanied by similar side effects. "Xenical" - this is an original preparation of Swiss production, which has the most extensive evidence base, passed the necessary tests.

Reviews of those who lose weight about "Xenical" confirm active weight loss under the action of this drug. Almost all of them mention unpleasant side effects. Proceeding from this, you can advise not to start taking funds before trips or important events, and also to adhere to the recommendations on the diet as much as possible so that the process of losing weight is not overshadowed by unfortunate events.

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