How to cook dough for chebureks: proven recipes from professionals

Preparing the dough for chebureks is a truly creative process. After all, how else to explain the presence of so many of its variations! Dough with boiling water, milk, kefir, vodka or even custard. And every time it turns out to be moderately soft, crunchy, with an appetizing crust ... We will tell you how to make a dough for chebureks from different products, so that your dish will please your loved ones.

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Chebureks today can be found in the menu of eateries in all cities of Russia and Ukraine. But very few people know that this is an originally Crimean dish, or rather the Crimean Tatar. To get acquainted with real chebureks it is possible only in Crimea where in the best traditions representatives of the Crimean Tatar people prepare. And with pleasure share the secrets of its preparation. Although if you ask several cooks how to make a dough for chebureks, it's unlikely that you will get a definite answer. Like many national dishes, it passed the test of time and its own "evolution of the species." As a result, now we have the opportunity to choose our version of the test for chebureks. And to please with delicious variations on the theme of the test of relatives.

Brewed dough for chebureks

This recipe - one of the most beloved hostesses, as it does not require special preparations or a variety of products. Chebureks made from brewed dough are very soft even after cooling. Custard or, as it is also called a dough for chebureks on boiled water, is prepared very simply and quickly.

You will need:

  • flour - 640 grams,
  • water 160 ml,
  • egg - 1 piece,
  • vegetable oil - 30 ml,
  • salt - 1 teaspoon.

Cooking method

  1. Boil water until it boils, add there oil and salt. Immediately pour half a cup of flour into the boiling water and mix thoroughly until the lumps disappear. Leave the mixture to cool.
  2. Add the egg to the resulting mass, mix it.
  3. Make a slide on the table from flour, in the middle enter the brewed mass, knead a smooth, tight dough.
  4. Leave the dough for 30 minutes and knead again. Leave for another 30 minutes and you can proceed with stamping the chebureks.

Cheburek dough for milk

How to cook a delicious dough for chebureks on milk? Also simple and fast, like a custard. Using milk in the dough recipes allows you to get a soft and plastic mass, from which it is very easy to make chebureks. The dough is perfectly rolled out, and the chebureks are soft and puffed.

You will need:

  • flour - 450 grams,
  • milk (low-fat) - 250 ml,
  • vodka - 75 ml,
  • salt - 1/2 teaspoon.

Cooking method

  1. Warm the milk and mix it with salt.
  2. Flour the flour on the cutting surface, make a groove and pour into the milk with salt.
  3. Slightly mix the mass, gradually adding vodka, until the dough thickens.
  4. The consistency of the dough should go to the best of steep. If the dough is too hard, apply it with wet hands. If, on the contrary, liquid, add more flour.
  5. Wrap the dough in a food film and put it away for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.
  6. The dough is ready!

Dough for chebureks with vodka

Following this recipe, you will learn how to make delicious chebureks and how to make them as close to the original Crimean Tatar cuisine. Thanks to vodka on the chebureks during the frying, attractive bubbles will appear.

How to cook dough for chebureks: secrets of professionals! You will need:

  • flour - 640 grams,
  • vodka - 30 ml,
  • water 350 ml,
  • egg - 1 piece,
  • vegetable oil - 30 ml,
  • salt - 1 teaspoon.

Cooking method

  1. Pour water into the pan, add the vegetable oil, salt and put on the fire.
  2. Sift 1 incomplete glass of flour and gradually pour into a saucepan. Stir constantly so that lumps do not form.
  3. When the flour is completely dispersed, remove the mass from the heat and cool. Add the remaining flour and knead the dough.
  4. In a loose, not massed mass, add the egg and start gradually (in several steps) pour in the vodka, constantly mixing the dough. Ideally, when the vodka is over, you will have a tight, kneaded dough.
  5. Wrap the dough in film and leave for an hour in the room. After that, dab the dough and send it back to the refrigerator. The minimum time to cool the dough is 1 hour, but it is better to leave it in the cold for the night.

Dough for chebureks on yogurt

This simple recipe will allow you to get soft and delicious chebureks. And they are not difficult to cook at all.

Juicy chebureks with sauce on a platter You will need:

  • kefir - 250 ml,
  • flour - 500 grams,
  • egg - 1 piece,
  • salt - to taste.

Cooking method

  1. In kefir, add egg and salt, whisk with a fork or whisk. Gradually add the sifted flour and mix all the time.
  2. When the dough is thick enough, lay it on the table and knead it. Dough should be moderately steep (not hard and not soft).
  3. Leave the dough for 20 minutes and you can start modeling chebureks.

We hope that our tips will help you decide how to make a dough for chebureks. And how to make this dish perfect!

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