The preparation "Glucophage": instructions for use and how safe it is for losing weight

Cult of thinness makes modern people use any available means to reduce weight. One of them is the use of medicines. Sometimes not directly related to the effect of weight loss. So, the instruction on the application of "Glucophage" direct indication for the use of the drug calls the second type of diabetes mellitus. Where is the link with losing weight?

The content of the article

There is such a connection. And the instruction to a medicinal preparation mentions it. During the clinical trials of "Glucophage" it was found that obese patients lose weight taking therapeutic doses of the drug. Not surprisingly, the drug rushed to test the opponents of diets, wishing to build.

Composition and action of the agent

The drug "Glucophage" contains the active substance - metformin. It refers to biguanides, which have anti-hyperglycemic activity, that is, it is capable of reducing sugar blood counts. The sugar-reducing effect is based on the fact that "Glucophage" acts on the body in three directions.

  1. Influence on the liver. The processing of the sugars entering the blood is handled by the liver. It is responsible for the process of splitting sugar reserves with the release of glucose molecules into the blood and the process of glucose synthesis from non-saccharified substances. "Glucophage" inhibits these processes, which affects the amount of free glucose circulating in the bloodstream of the patient.
  2. . Influence on the intestines . "Glucophage" delays glucose, supplied with food in the lumen of the intestine, which ensures its removal from the body along with feces.
  3. Influence on muscles. "Glucophage" increases the consumption of glucose by peripheral tissues, and more specifically - by muscles, which reduces the level of sugar and prevents the deposition of fat stores.
The ability of "Glucophage" to stimulate weight loss is explained by the effect of the drug on lipid metabolism. In patients undergoing treatment with "Glucophage", there is a decrease in the level of cholesterol in the blood, the process of transformation of triglycerides is activated. From this it can be judged that the drug is able to reduce atherogenesis, as well as activate the effective intake of fat in the body.

On the "pitfalls"

Of the listed characteristics of the drug can conclude that "Glukofazh" - amazing help with diet and a real dream of "lazy" slimming. Why, then, do not dietitians recommend to everyone to get rid of extra pounds with the help of the drug "Glucophage"? The answer to this question lies in the processes that accompany the basic pharmacological actions of the remedy. We list them.

  • He will not free himself from the diet. "Glucophage" blocks the absorption of glucose in the intestine by affecting certain receptors and slowing down the splitting of polysaccharides into simple molecules. Hence increased gas production and a complex of dyspeptic side effects if the patient abuses carbohydrate food. The main condition of treatment "Glucophage" - adherence to low-carbohydrate diet.
  • Harm is possible. Pharmacological drugs are created for sick people. In this case, patients suffer from resistance of the body cells to their own insulin. "Glucophage" increases the sensitivity of cells to the hormone, allowing it to participate in natural metabolic processes. Medication increase in the sensitivity of cells to insulin in a healthy person can adversely affect the patient's well-being after the drug is discontinued.
  • Reaction of muscles. Increased transportation of glucose to muscle tissue requires the consumption of large amounts of sugar by these tissues. In the absence of physical activity, an increase in intracellular glycogen synthesis will result in the deposition of fat stores. Only not with a liver, but directly with a muscle tissue. Hence, "Glukofazh" does not eliminate the need for physical exertion. At the same time, when taking the drug is prohibited excessive physical activity because of the increased risk of developing accumulation of lactic acid and ketone bodies. Find a balance without the help of a specialist is very difficult.

A question for those who lose weight: why should a healthy person expose himself to the risk of negative drug action and possible trouble in the future to lose weight in the previous regime? If you carefully consider the instructions from the manufacturer, you can find information that the same clinical studies that confirmed weight loss in obesity in one part of patients, noted the complete safety of weight in the other part of the participants.

"Glucophage" will help to lose weight people who have impaired glucose metabolism and susceptibility to insulin. For most other slender people, a large dosage of the drug will be required to see some result. Increasing the dose is fraught with the development of side effects. In this case, tablet formers and components of the enteric coating can be allergens for specific people.

Instructions for use and dosage of "Glucophage"

For those who consulted with a doctor and came to the conclusion about the need to reinforce the diet using Glucophage, the issue of a difficult choice will arise right at the pharmacy - the drug has several dosages and forms of release. What kind of money to purchase? The question of comparative characteristics of the forms of output, presented in the table, will answer the question.

Table - Forms of production of "Glucophage"

Name Appointment Basic rules of admission
Glucophage 1000 - It is used in severe forms of diabetes mellitus - Up to 3 tablets per day
Glucophage 850 - May be an initial or maintenance dose (based on glucose test results) - Take up to 3 times per day
Glucophage 500 - The standard initial dose for metformin therapy;
- suitable for dose adjustment according to the indicators of sugar
- Up to 6 tablets per day;
- as agreed with the endocrinologist
Glucophage Long 750 - It differs from the usual form by the method of administration - once a day - The maximum dose is 3 tablets per day once
Glucophage Long 500 - It is taken once a day;
- initial dose of prolonged form
- Maximum can take up to 4 tablets per day once

More about schemes

For the purpose of weight reduction, the admission scheme with the minimum dose of the drug and the simplest mode of its use is acceptable. This "Glukofazh 500", taken on a pill, three times a day. An increased dosage of "Glucophage" can be prescribed only by a doctor on direct indications, and also taking into account the reaction of the body in the form of changes in the sugar titers measured on an empty stomach and after eating.

If the patient's three-time regimen is not satisfactory, a prolonged form of the drug can be purchased. The significant difference in the action of the prolonged and usual forms is based on the time to reach the maximum concentration of metformin in the blood plasma. An ordinary drug reaches it in two and a half hours after administration, is quickly withdrawn, and prolonged - it concentrates in four hours, is withdrawn during the day.

Consider the possibility of taking a prolonged form, if necessary, increasing the dose. The use of "Glucophage long 750" is allowed in the amount of up to three tablets at a time, which will significantly increase the concentration of metformin throughout the day. Hudey on "Glukofazhe", it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • take the drug at one time;
  • to combine the reception with the meal;
  • take a pill with half a glass of water;
  • eat low-carb food;
  • ensure a normal drinking regime;
  • physical activity limited to charging.

Usual "Glucophage" is taken two or three times a day. Prolonged - once, preferably at night. This will ensure a decrease in appetite for the next day.

It has been experimentally established that the maximum effectiveness of "Glucophage" for the activation of weight loss is noted in the first three weeks of use. For this reason, taking Glucophage for longer than 22 consecutive days is not recommended. After the course, you need to take a break for several months. Otherwise, the cells of the body adapt to the effects of the drug, its effectiveness is reduced to zero, the risk of developing resistance to insulin on the background of withdrawal will increase.

The girl chooses between tablets and food

Special instructions to slimming

Applying "Glukofazh" for weight loss, even with its normal tolerability, do not forget that this is a medicinal product that has contraindications, use characteristics and a number of side effects. Pharmacological substance is capable of unexpected interactions, which is also worth considering, preparing to lose weight with it.

About side effects

Glucophage and its analogues in composition (Siofor) are considered the safest means for the treatment of type 2 diabetes because they do not affect the production of insulin, so they do not carry the risk of developing hypoglycemic coma. The study of the drug noted its safety for the liver. Among the frequent side effects the manufacturer mentions of dyspeptic disorders, they are manifested:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • loss of appetite;
  • disorders of stools;
  • flatulence.

Such actions accompany the violation of recommendations regarding the dose and regimen of the drug. Often they occur at the beginning of treatment and disappear on their own in a few days. For the prevention of disorders, doctors recommend combining the reception of the product with food, increase the dose gradually, divide it into two or three meals per day.

Among other side effects, there is a loss of taste. Man does not distinguish between the taste of food. The reaction frequency is equal to several units out of 100 cases of Glucophage therapy. Even more rarely are allergic rashes and acute metabolic disorders, in the form of lactic acidosis. Similar problems accompany an overdose.

About contraindications

If the indication for the use of the drug is only one, then there are much more contraindications. Among them:

  • individual sensitivity reactions;
  • acute diabetic conditions (coma);
  • failure of kidney function;
  • hypoxia of peripheral tissues (heart failure);
  • alcoholism;
  • liver damage;
  • during pregnancy;
  • lactation.
When planning pregnancy is preferable to regulate sugar indicators of insulin, and weight loss in the "Glucophage" at this time is strictly prohibited. An exception can be called polycystic ovary (PCOS) - a condition accompanied by impaired glucose tolerance and simultaneously interfering with pregnancy.

Tablet in hand

Why can not you assign "to yourself"

Reviews from the tablets "Glucophage" for weight loss contain information about the positive effect of the drug on glucose tolerance, the dynamics of treatment in PCOS, weight loss during therapy, which led to the long-awaited pregnancy. However, this information is of a purely fact-finding nature, and any actions in polycystosis should be coordinated with the doctor. The drug is not recommended for healthy women during menopause, as against the background of hormonal rearrangements it is possible to develop resistance of cells to their own insulin.

The study of compatibility of "Glucophage" tablets with alcohol testifies to the extremely negative consequences of such interaction. For this reason, drinking is prohibited for the duration of the drug therapy.

In some cases, successful weight loss depends on the visit of a nutritionist and professional selection of measures to lose weight. According to weight loss, the negative effects of taking Glucophage are rare, because most people stop taking pills at the stage of dyspeptic disorders at the beginning of treatment. "Glukofazh" for weight loss can recommend only an endocrinologist. Otherwise, the responsibility for the consequences rests on the shoulders of the slimming one.

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