Trolls in your house: 6 ways to make friends with erasers from Pyaterochka

Have you noticed that your house has become noticeably quieter, and the children no longer bother you with questions, what to play with friends? If so, then the magic characters from the DreamWorks cartoon "Trolls" settled at your home. Network with bright figures of trolls-erasers as a gift for purchases network launched in late August.


Top 7 rules on the choice of kitchen furniture

The kitchen is a special room. Here you can not only cook, but also arrange cozy family evenings, friendly tea drinking, exchange news after the working day. Therefore, it is very important to create a comfortable and functional environment that will delight with beauty and convenience.


Save on shopping: 5 ways to buy cheaper online

The main rule of online shopping is not to rush to the “tasty” offers of unknown companies. The store must be: a) famous; b) reliable; c) customer-friendly; and d) have a positive / negative feedback ratio of about 80/20. Minimally.

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