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Everyone remembers the epically unsuccessful attempts by the heroine of the clip about the Labutenas to squeeze into the famous delightful pants. And, probably, it's good that the creators of the video did not know that for a day to pound themselves in the hips for a couple of centimeters maybe, as they say, without dust and noise. And everything is so elementary and easy that the main exhibit at the Van Gogh exhibition would lose the lion's share of the comic and spectacle if this way was reflected in the script.

All emergency remedies: fasting, vomiting and laxative, sauna or food film, exhausting physical activity, which work fine to reduce the stomach, suffer a complete fiasco when it comes to hips.

All because lymph, fibrous matrix (the same "orange peel"), fat glands of buttocks and thighs - all these substances vary very slowly. The lymph flows at a rate of 1.5 liters per day, the resorption of the fibrous matrix takes months, and the fat on the hips that helps produce estrogens, many live for years, until the menopause relieves fat tissue from this duty. Within 24 hours, this stable system can be disinhibited only by knowing the laws of hemodynamics and the peculiarities of the excretory system. But you can make feet edematous for a few hours, literally at least once or twice or three.

Dark-haired girl looks at a hamburger

Triple taboo for beauties with fluffy thighs

Do not starve

The worst idea is to arrange an unloading day before an important rendezvous. Of course, nutrition with a low calorie content will help make the stomach more flat, and thoughts more rapid. Psychologists, by the way, recommend businessmen to go to important meetings slightly hungry to sharpen intuition and literally smell the money. But if during the day to eat less than 20 grams of protein, there will be a so-called osmotic edema. Of hunger really puff - this is not a metaphor, but a statement of fact.

An exceptionally protein diet day is not an option again - to feed the brain, on protein diets the liver will synthesize glucose from protein and ketone bodies from fat. This will give a dirty sulphureous odor to the skin secretions, and a breathtaking acetone amber.

Do not strain

The desire to appear fit and athletic pushes many to feats: an exercise bike, squats with a barbell, a hundred feet with a foot, and, please, wild fatigue, clogged legs, and the next day as a result of the breakdown of glycogen in the tissues, water appears (after a hard workout additionally up to 2-3 liters of liquid is formed). And besides, legs will acquire some elephantiness, after a day, just at the moment of the long-desired meeting, the muscles will begin to ache so that the sexual defile from the picture to the picture on 20-centimeter Labuten have to be forgotten.

Do not worry

Convictively picking out clothes and scrolling in the head of future high-intellectual dialogue, remember: a strong nervous tension blocks excretory processes, which means that the liquid will accumulate, and jeans will have to be buttoned again with the help of obscene vocabulary and a strong mother's hand. Unfortunately, this is not the only surprise. In the first half an hour of dating, when the mandrake subsides, diuresis will intensify and you will have to choose those parts of the exposure that are closer to the toilet.

So now, sullenly put on baggy pants, the lightning of which is surprisingly hanging on your stomach, and the shapeless ass hints that you know much more about Van Gogh than about the relationship between a man and a woman and go on vernissage alone? Watch as Serega-Prince triumphantly strokes the angular thigh of another more lucky beauty - no, thank you, acquaintance with the fairy Physiology has not let anyone down!

The girl hugged a pillow in her dream

Magic ritual for reducing hips

Do not be nervous and sleep

Herbal sedatives, herbal teas, aromatherapy, yoga, massage, attentive reading of the page in Wikipedia about Van Gogh - that's how a decent girl should spend the evening before an important date.

Before going to bed, put a mattress in your feet, no, not a pea or men's trousers, as fortunetellers and sorcerers advise, but only a blanket folded so that the height of the foot end is 10-15 cm above the head end. This will improve the venous outflow by almost forty percent, and the legs will noticeably build up.

Take a bath

With the first rays make an easy workout and take a salt bath with a temperature of 37-39 degrees. It is important to plunge to the chin. What will happen in just a few minutes is called immersion. Peripheral veins are squeezed, the blood moves more easily to the right atrium, which is slightly stretched, together with the excitation of the skin receptors on the chest, this gives a signal to the brain for the secretion of a special hormone that enhances the urination. That's why in the pools so many people behave uncivilized, especially children - they simply can not resist the reflex. An hour later the liquid will be withdrawn more actively, not only swelling on the legs will disappear, but also bags under the eyes, mobility in the joints and in the spine will improve.

Legs up !!!

The final gloss on the stitched legs will bring one more procedure. You can get to know her if you look behind the scenes during a bodybuilding competition. The amazing picture, which appears to an inexperienced look, is striking - a dozen muscular men lie on the floor, with their legs pumped up, and they look at the ceiling with melancholy eyes.

This they dry their feet, causing the outflow of lymph by gravity, after 15 minutes they will go on stage, hitting spectators and judges with a clear relief of each muscle on the hips and legs. The meeting is no less crucial: there is a judge and spectators, so it's worth to lie down for ten minutes with his legs raised, for a couple of centimeters the diameter of the hip will surely decrease.

And after the purely female trick: use compression tights, but not those that are sold in stores of lingerie. In orthopedic salons a wide range of compression anti-varicose jersey. It is worthwhile to warn: to pull this technological miracle to the feet is not so simple and it's possible to remove the next clip, which will be no less popular than "Labuteny", but the result is worth it - jeans two sizes smaller will be just right. And, voila, we conquer the admirer with beauty, perhaps intellect, sense of style and so on, and so on ...

Female legs in white jeans and high heels

But remember, Cinderella, these are emergency measures!

Tight jeans, high heels, alcohol, a long standing in one place, after all the Van Gogh exhibition, there is something to stiffen in admiration - a demonic set of factors for the speedy destruction of the venous system and stagnation of lymph. Four hours later, a slender beauty risks turning into a former edematous pumpkin. And if you give vent to fantasy and imagine that the meeting has gradually grown into a romantic night ...

Somewhere at dawn the beautiful prince pulled off, finally, the crystal labutene from the swollen limb of his beloved and leaned helplessly on the pillow, thinking how to remove the princess from compression pantyhose without resorting to magic and the help of the Emergency Ministry ...

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