"Doxycycline": the good long-forgotten antibiotic

"Doxycycline" - one of the first antibacterial drugs from the group of tetracyclines. At one time, its use was superseded by new and then very effective drugs, to which bacteria soon became resistant. And the long-forgotten "Doxycillin" again became actively used. The list of diseases for treatment with this drug is wide. What does the instruction for the use of "Doxycycline" say?

The content of the article

"Doxycycline" in the pharmacy can be found both as a lyophilizate (used for intramuscular / intravenous administration), and in the form of capsules for internal use and. However, the first method of treatment is rarely used.

How the medicine works

In the "Doxycycline" is the same active substance. The drug refers to tetracyclines, has a wide range of activities. "Doxycycline" acts bactericidal - leads to the death of microbial cells. The drug penetrates into cells and affects the pathogens here. "Doxycycline" breaks the synthesis of protein microbes, which leads to their death. It is active in relation to the following microorganisms:

  • — золотистый и эпидермальный стафилококк, стрептококк; causative agents of purulent infectious diseases - golden and epidermal staphylococcus, streptococcus;
  • — клостридии, листерии, клебсиела, кишечная палочка, энтеробактер, сальмонелла, иерсиния, холерный вибрион; causative agents of intestinal infections - clostridia, listeria, klebsiela, E. coli, enterobacter, salmonella, iersinia, cholera vibrio;
  • — гонококки, бледная трепонема (вызывает сифилис), хламидии, микоплазмы, уреаплазмы. sexual infections - gonococci, pale treponema (causes syphilis), chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma.

In addition, the drug acts on pathogens of brucellosis, ornithosis, tularemia, anthrax, psittacosis, legionellosis.

Entering the systemic bloodstream, "Doxycycline" binds primarily to lipids (fats). Therefore, there is a significant accumulation of the drug in the liver, kidneys, bile, pleural fluid, as well as in the nasal sinuses, bones and teeth. "Doxycycline" penetrates the placenta and enters the breast milk, so its use during pregnancy and lactation is prohibited.

Capsules and ampoules

Before prescribing the drug, it is recommended to determine the sensitivity of the microbes that caused the disease. For this purpose, sowing is carried out from the place of concentration of pathogens, for example, from the vagina, pharynx, nose, sputum. The main diseases, which are indications for the use of "Doxycycline", are presented in the table.

Table - When "Doxycycline" is used

Localization of pathological focus Disease
Inflammatory respiratory disease - Tracheists;
- bronchitis;
- pneumonia;
- abscess of the lung
Diseases of the ENT organs - Sinusites;
- tonsillitis ("sore throat");
otitis media
Urinary system infections - Urethritis;
- Cystitis;
- a pyelonephritis;
- prostatitis;
- inflammation of the testis and its appendages
For the prevention and treatment of genital infections - Vaginitis;
- cervicitis;
- endometritis;
- adnexitis;
- appointed after abortions, scraping, diagnostic procedures
Sex infections - Chlamydia;
- mycoplasmosis;
- ureaplasmosis;
- Gonorrhea;
- syphilis
Bile duct infection - Cholangitis;
- cholecystitis
Intestinal infections - Salmonellosis;
- bacterial dysentery
Pustular and infectious lesions of the skin and subcutaneous tissue - Acne;
- furuncles;
- carbuncles;
- secondary infection after injuries and burns;
- with rosacea;
- with a panaritium;
- with phlegmon;
- with abscesses of different localization;
- with arthritis
Other infectious diseases - Tularemia;
- brucellosis;
- typhus;
- yersiniosis;
- legionellosis;
- Riketisiosis;
- Whooping cough;
- for the treatment and prevention of malaria;
- with Lyme disease (borreliosis, which is not transmitted by tick bite)
Indications for the use of the drug, as well as individual schemes for the prevention of diseases and treatment can be recommended only by a doctor. Self-targeting leads to the emergence of resistant strains of bacteria and the chronization of processes.

Who should not take and side effects

Treatment with Doxycycline is prohibited in the following cases:

  • — также необходимо учитывать перекрестную аллергию с лекарствами группы тетрациклинов и пенициллинов; allergic reactions to the drug - it is also necessary to take into account cross-allergies with drugs of the tetracycline and penicillin group;
  • — лейкозы, лейкопения, порфирия; blood diseases - leukemia, leukopenia, porphyria;
  • — в органе происходит основная трансформация препарата; violation of the liver - in the body there is a major transformation of the drug;
  • — «Доксициклин» легко проникает через плацентарный барьер, в грудное молоко и к малышу, доказано, что препарат нарушает формирование костной ткани, зубов у детей. pregnancy and lactation - "Doxycycline" easily penetrates the placental barrier, into breast milk and to the baby, it is proved that the drug disrupts the formation of bone tissue, teeth in children.

Side effects after taking "Doxycycline" are presented in the table.

Table - Side effects of the drug

Often Rarely With prolonged admission
- Nausea, vomiting;
- stomach ache;
- diarrhea;
- Thrush;
- a rash;
- dizziness, headache
- Allergic reactions (rash, itching, lupus erythematosus, Quincke's edema, exudative erythema);
- Photosensitivity;
- bleeding "breakthrough" when taking oral contraceptives
- Changes in blood tests (decrease in platelet count, leukocytes, erythrocytes, increase in liver enzymes);
- violation of the intestinal flora;
- discoloration of tooth enamel

Given the risk of complications, the use of Doxycycline capsules (and especially injections) is possible only according to the doctor's prescription. When an overdose of side effects increases, there is no specific treatment, symptomatic therapy is performed.

Instructions for use of Doxycycline

The drug is produced in ampoules for the preparation of solution for intramuscular and intravenous administration, but the most popular form of use is capsules for oral administration. Intravenous and intramuscular administration is indicated only in cases of severe purulent-inflammatory diseases. For this, the contents of the ampoule dissolve in a sterile isotonic solution.

The dosage of tablets "Doxycycline" can be 50, 100 and 200 mg of active substance, ampoules - 100 or 200 mg. The standard treatment regimens are as follows:

  • — в течение 7-14 дней; 100 mg every 12 hours - for 7-14 days;
  • — в течение 7-14 дней; 200 mg every 24 hours - within 7-14 days;
  • — в течение десяти дней (только для терапии сифилиса). 300 mg every 24 hours - for ten days (only for syphilis therapy).

For the prevention of malaria and the treatment of rosacea, acne, the drug is used for a long time, for a month or more.

A girl is holding yellow capsules with medicine in her hand

special instructions

The doctors' testimonies prove that in order to prevent adverse reactions and other complications, it is necessary to take into account the compatibility of Doxycycline with other drugs and alcohol used. The following drug interactions are known:

  • — «Доксициклин» снижает эффективность данных лекарств; penicillins, cephalosporins - "Doxycycline" reduces the effectiveness of these drugs;
  • — приводят к снижению конентрации «Доксициклина» в крови и тканях, поэтому требуется коррекция дозы; alcohol, barbiturates, "Rifampicin", "Carbamazepine" - lead to a decrease in the concentration of "Doxycycline" in the blood and tissues, so dose adjustment is required;
  • — требуется коррекция их дозы при одновременном приеме с антибиотиком. indirect anticoagulants - correction of their dose is necessary at simultaneous reception with an antibiotic.

Additional recommendations

To prevent complications of taking Doxycycline, the following recommendations should be adhered to:

  • — во время использования таблеток и еще неделю после окончания курса лечения следует избегать ультрафиолетовых лучей из-за повышенной чувствительности к ним в этот период; do not sunbathe - during the use of pills and a week after the end of treatment should avoid ultraviolet rays due to increased sensitivity to them during this period;
  • — при длительном приеме «Доксициклина», например, когда его назначают для профилактики малярии или лечения прыщей, следует контролировать общие и биохимические анализы крови, так как в них возможны изменения; take tests - with prolonged use of Doxycycline, for example, when it is prescribed for the prevention of malaria or the treatment of acne, general and biochemical blood tests should be monitored, since changes are possible;
  • — «Доксициклин» нарушает образование скелета у плода внутриутробно и у детей младшего возраста. to make sure that there is no pregnancy - "Doxycycline" disrupts the formation of the skeleton in the fetus in utero and in young children.


Complete analogues of the drug for the composition, dosage, indications, side effects are the following drugs:

  • "Unidox solute";
  • "Vibramycin";
  • "Novacyclin";
  • "Doxibene";
  • "Medomycin".

"Doxycycline" - one of the effective drugs for the treatment of inflammation in the genitourinary system, intestinal and other infections. However, reviews of Doxycycline in ampoules and capsules indicate a high incidence of side effects of the drug. In particular, from the gastrointestinal tract - nausea, vomiting, dysbiosis. Before taking it is important to consult a doctor, make sure there are no contraindications.

Reviews: "Do not take the capsule on an empty stomach!"

As written in the instructions, there are many side effects, one of them is esophagitis, which I received on the 10th day of application of the drug. I had two large ulcers of the esophagus, which I then had to cure for a long time. If there are options for taking other drugs, it is better to take them.

, https://www. Gennady , https: // www. piluli. com / product / Doksiciklin / review

Cystitis was tortured, once again you are afraid to go for a long time somewhere without pills. Doxycycline removed symptoms in a few hours (it was normal and without pain to go to the toilet), but the entire course of treatment must be completed. I drink the third day after eating as a doctor said, and no vomiting, dizziness, nausea, everything is fine. It is very inexpensive, I hope that after the course ends, I will forget about this illness forever.

, https://www. Zhanna Naumova , https: // www. piluli. com / product / Doksiciklin / review

I passed a smear and after a while already the result was in my hands - the ureaplasma turned out to be positive. I was very upset, the gynecologist explained that because of the presence of ureaplasma, problems with conception may arise. We took the spouse according to the scheme: in the morning and in the evening, one capsule, respectively, 5 days. In addition to taking antibiotics, it was necessary to observe sexual rest, to monitor hygiene. And a month after the treatment it was necessary to repeat the analysis for infection. The biggest mistake I made was wrong taking the drug. Do not take the capsule on an empty stomach! Only after eating. The first day we drank the capsule on an empty stomach. Immediately dizzy, began to feel sick. After treatment, the ureaplasma was not detected.

, http://irecommend. Irina Lee , http: // irecommend. ru / content / borba-s-ureaplazmoi-planirovanie-beremennosti

The drug, surprisingly, very well helped with the treatment of the upper respiratory tract, was very surprised by its low price and high efficiency, took it after eating and drank a day to 1.5 liters of water, so as not to damage the intestine.

, https://health. Natalia Chepurnaya , https: // health. mail address. com / drug / doksitsiklin /

Have registered doxycycline after a miscarriage in order to avoid all sorts of sexual infections. The muck is inexpressible. In addition to all the other symptoms, bleeding opened, so the gastrointestinal tract was nearly thinned (literally twisted in half from vomiting). She applied with a consultation with the precinct, she replied that everything under control is just minor side effects. At me on a place the jaw fell off. As a result, she urgently changed her doctor and antibiotic. I had to sit for a long time on oatmeal and kefirchika to restore the digestive tract.

, https://protabletky. Nina K , https: // protabletky. com / doxycycline / # otzivi

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