Dukan's diet: menus for a week and every day, principles and norms

The Ducane diet is one of the most popular weight loss systems. Its author Dr. Pierre Ducant claims that it will help to achieve optimal body weight and maintain it throughout life. Is it so? What are the features of the approach? What drawbacks is the Ducane diet, a menu for every day, "pitfalls" for beginners.

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Pierre Ducant is a French doctor of venerable age. He is seventy-three years old, but he looks young, fit, energetic and active, as he says, his own system of food. It is known that many celebrities adhere to it. It is believed that it was she who helped to lose weight before the wedding of the Duchess of Cambridge and her mother Carol Midollton, and also return to the form after the birth of Jennifer Lopez.

Features of nutrition according to Dyukan

The world popularity of the diet was acquired in 2000 after the publication of the book "I do not know how to lose weight." In it, while the little-known French doctor Pierre Ducant explained why it is extremely difficult for some people to lose weight, and why after hard diets he quickly returns.

According to Dukan, the human body contains a certain supply of cells that can store fat. Each person has this quantity, some fat cells have more, others less. Those who "own" a large stock of such cells, the chances of gaining extra weight is much higher. In addition, when the fat cell is unable to store the fat stored by it, it begins to divide. And the number of fat tissues increases in geometric progression.

Principles of diet

On the basis of this, Pierre Duacan made the conclusions that formed the basis of his food system.

  • Fighting obesity by reducing calories is useless. You can not just reduce the calorie intake for a while. When returning to the usual diet, the weight will return to the starting point. It is necessary to adhere to the diet, in which a person simply can not accumulate adipose tissue and permanently fix the result obtained.
  • Do not limit yourself to products and their quantity. The French diet of Pierre Ducane categorically refutes the effectiveness of mono-diet. You can not limit yourself to any one product, as a breakdown is bound to happen. In the diet of the "Duquanist" a hundred products, including meat, vegetables, dairy products. There is, from which to choose! In addition, there are no restrictions on the amount and time eaten. Eat so much to feel full, and then, when you need it.
  • Go beyond the "permissible" dangerous. Before the start of the food course, Pierre Ducan recommends that you clean the lockers in the kitchen and the refrigerator from prohibited products. And leave only what you can eat safely and without restrictions. In this case, you will not be tempted to eat something wrong.
  • Without bran can not do. Oat bran is a key element among the products for the Ducane diet. They should be present in the diet daily. The author views them as confident assistants in reducing weight, as they perform several tasks. First, provide a rapid saturation: the bran is hygroscopic and absorb water in a volume twenty times greater than its own. Eat only one and a half tablespoons of the product, drink a glass of water and in your stomach already three hundred grams of nutritive mass, which will not allow you to feel hungry. Getting into the intestines, they reduce the absorption of sugars and clean out the slag from it, take the undigested food particles, thereby reducing the total caloric content of the diet.
  • Physical activity is important! The nutritionist does not call you to leave your favorite couch and spend hours in the gym. But without physical activity, achieving the expected result will be extremely difficult. There is a high probability that you will reach the "critical point of non-combustible kilograms", which is difficult to overcome. This reduces motivation and forces you to abandon a healthy diet. But movement and physical activity make the body work completely differently. Start small: go for a walk at least twenty minutes a day. At home, do squats and exercises for the press. For young people, it's enough to start with twelve squats and thirty exercises for the press. For people over the age of fifty, you can cut the initial financial weight by half. Gradually increase it.

These principles Dr. Pierre Ducan recommends to remember and adhere to throughout the course, and ideally - all of life. Failures are unacceptable, it is necessary to form the right habits in nutrition and physical activity.

The diet implies a gradual transition from one stage to another. The author distributed the phases as follows:

  • — основное снижение веса, длится до пяти дней; attack - the main weight loss lasts up to five days;
  • — продолжение снижения веса, длится до необходимого результата, возможно, несколько месяцев; alternation - the continuation of weight loss, lasts to the required result, possibly several months;
  • — фиксация результатов, продолжительность рассчитывается по формуле десять дней на каждый потерянный килограмм веса; fixing - fixing the results, duration is calculated by the formula of ten days for each lost kilogram of weight;
  • — сохранение и поддержание результатов на протяжении всей жизни. stabilization - preservation and maintenance of results throughout life.

Each phase has its own list of products. The intensity of weight loss is determined by compliance with the main principles of the diet.

Pierre Duacan

Unknown facts

The Ducane diet is actively popularized in the world. Her author travels extensively and gives interviews, attracting followers in different countries. Recently, even a beautiful legend appeared about how an ordinary doctor from Paris came to understand the correct concept of losing weight.

One day, a patient with obesity addressed Dr. Dyukan. She asked the doctor to pick her a diet to lose weight, but with the condition. The woman was ready to give up any food other than meat. The doctor thought and advised her to eat only lean meat and drink plenty of water. For a week, a woman lost five kilograms.

In the medical community, an ambiguous attitude to Mr. Ducan's diet was formed. Despite the fact that the number of its supporters exceeds twenty million in different countries, there are facts that are not known to the general public.

  • The protein diet of Pierre Ducane is a successful commercial project. Developed by the author began in 1975, working as a simple therapist in Paris. For twenty years, the project "honed", until it came to the modern mind. His first "swallow" was the book "I do not know how to lose weight", the circulation of which in many countries was inferior only to the circulation of publications about Harry Potter. In subsequent years, other books were published, designed to "fill in the gaps" in the understanding of the methodology. A little later, the official website of the diet, on the mailing of which more than thirty thousand people were signed. In supermarkets and pharmacies are represented more than fifty products developed specifically for this power system. Annually, a successful commercial project brings the author about 100 million euros.
  • Principles of nutrition for Dyukan are dangerous. This was announced at the international symposium on healthy nutrition by the doctor Luris Arony in 2013. In his opinion, the abundance of proteins in the diet is detrimental to the kidneys, in the long term it can lead to a failure in their work and the need to replace their functions with dialysis. And American professor Walter Longo compares the danger of such a significant consumption of animal proteins with the harm of smoking. And strongly recommends not to follow such a diet for middle-aged and elderly people, since it increases the risk of dangerous diseases and a decrease in life expectancy.
  • Harmful diet. A commission of specialists from the United States, who studied the effects of dietary diets on human health, noted the danger of this diet. According to doctors, the Ducane diet can harm health at each of its stages. The only exception is the latter, which is why the concept is recognized as one of the most harmful diets in the world.
  • Not the most effective weight loss system. In 2013, a commission of twenty-two doctors and nutritionists from the United States evaluated the effectiveness of the twenty-five most popular diets. According to the findings of the Commission, Ducane's diet is ranked twenty-fourth in terms of the total score. Evaluation of diets was based on indicators of short-term and long-term weight loss, ease of following, food safety, the possibility of compliance with diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Contradictory information about the effectiveness of the nutrition system, its harm to health was repeatedly refuted by the author of the technique. In one of his interviews he drew attention to the fact that his diet is mistakenly called protein.

"Various studies on the dangers of protein are not relevant to my diet," says Pierre Duacan. "I offer a protein-rich diet for only a few days, only four, no more than five." In my diet is really a lot of foods rich in protein, but apart from them I recommend eating as much as possible vegetables. "

According to Pierre Ducane, he advises a diet rich in protein not for everyone, but only for those who have a serious overweight. It is important to understand that obesity poses a threat to quality and longevity. With obesity, a few days of protein nutrition is much less evil than medication or starvation.

Oat bran

Stage One - Attack

Doctors consider this stage to be the most dangerous for health. Pierre Duccan himself agrees with the general opinion, and therefore gives clear recommendations for its compliance.

  • Calculate excess weight. To calculate the weight, you can use the free calculator, which is on the official website of the Ducane. The calculation is carried out in the form of filling out a questionnaire. After entering the data on your e-mail, you will receive a letter with the information you are interested in. You can get the average data yourself. To do this, it is necessary to take a hundred for men and one hundred and ten for women from growth in centimeters. Thus, the weight for a woman of 164 cm should be 54 kg.
  • Adhere to the "Attack" phase no more than the recommended period. There is a widespread opinion that in this phase a person can immediately achieve the desired weight. It's not only impossible, but dangerous! During the "attack" it takes from one to six kilograms. Observe the phase length according to the table.
Excess weight Duration
Up to five kilograms 3 days
Up to ten kilograms 4 days
Up to twenty kilograms 5 days
Up to thirty kilograms 6 days
More than thirty kilograms 7 days
  • Control your condition. The danger of the stage is the use of only animal proteins. This creates a high burden on the kidneys and causes dehydration of the body. According to some experts, this is the basis for the rapid weight loss of the first week of the diet. It has a motivating effect, demonstrating that the weight begins to decline. At this stage, it is important to drink a lot. Use at least one and a half liters of fluid per day.
  • Eat oat bran. Eat half a tablespoon of the product a day, washing down with a lot of water. This can be either a snack or a substitute for one of the meals.
Why does Pierre Ducan's diet for weight loss start with proteins? Its author believes that proteins of animal origin are the optimal food for humans. Our body has known her since antiquity, and modern fast foods, sweets are not acceptable, since their formulas are foreign to our body.

In addition, proteins are among the most difficult to digest products. On their digestion the body spends an unthinkable amount of energy, which excludes the possibility of transforming excess calories into adipose tissue. It is important only to obtain pure protein, without fat or with a minimum of its quantity.

A piece of salmon

Permitted products

At this stage you will get acquainted with the main list of allowed products. It contains seventy-two ingredients of animal origin.

  • Meat. Beef tenderloin and low-fat fillet, roast beef, steak, escalope. It is allowed to use rabbit, beef offal: tongue, kidney, liver. Chicken, turkey and pork can be eaten as a low-fat ham. The diet can include chicken liver, as well as low-fat meat of birds: quail, pigeon, guinea-fowl, ostrich, cockerel.
  • A fish. Fish can be consumed and fat, since the composition of its fat is fundamentally different from the animal. Include in your diet mackerel, cod, hake, saury, herring, flounder, blue whiting, halibut, dorado. Use as a small fish, for example, sprat or sardine, and a large river or sea: burbot, catfish, mullet, pike, trout, carp, sturgeon, tuna, salmon.
  • Seafood. Eat unrestricted meat of crab, squid, shrimp. Include in the diet of scallops, trumpeters, oysters, mussels, crabs, lobsters, lobsters, cuttlefish.
  • Eggs. Daily eat up to two eggs of chicken or quail. With increased cholesterol, the amount of yolks per week should be up to four.
  • Dairy. Domestic dairy products with a high fat content are excluded. In your diet can only include completely skim milk, kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, curd cheese.

At first glance, there are a lot of products, and there should be no problems with the choice. But you may have some difficulties in what you can eat.

Soup with quail eggs

What to cook

Doctor Dyukan was repeatedly asked how to replace products from his authorized list, inaccessible to most residents of the CIS countries. After all, many ingredients are not easy to buy in stores, some of them are generally considered a gastronomic luxury.

In response, the author advises Russians to eat the products that are familiar to them. "If the Russians kept their gastronomic traditions, and did not follow the trends of the west, you would not have a problem of obesity in your country," comments Pierre Duccan.

  • Choose what you can afford. From meat products, we always have chicken and turkey, low-fat beef and pork. Sometimes you can pamper yourself with rabbit or quail meat. There will also be no problems with the purchase of offal. The same is true for fish: the abundance of river fish successfully replaces the inaccessibility of the ocean fish. But in the choice of seafood, we are more limited. But do not worry about it. Eat mussels and squid, which you can buy frozen in any supermarket.
  • Cook with a minimum amount of salt. You can salt food, but very little. But sugar should be excluded from the diet completely.
  • Products can be cooked the way you like. French nutritionist Pierre Ducan does not prohibit frying meat and fish. It is only necessary to reduce the amount of vegetable oil for frying. Drip a small amount of oil in a frying pan, rub with a napkin. She will absorb the excess, but prepare the surface for roasting. Also, the products can be boiled, boiled, stewed, baked. Before preparing the bird, remove the skin from it.
  • Use spices. You may think that the food became fresh because of a lack of salt. Diversify flavors with spices: vinegar, mustard, onion and garlic, dry herbs, ground seasonings.

Table is an example of the menu for the week of the Ducane diet in the Attack phase.

Day Breakfast Dinner Afternoon snack Dinner
1 Omelette with meat, coffee Ear with cod, bread with bran Curd Meat baked in foil, green tea
2 Whole cottage cheese, bread from bran Meat soup with quail eggs Yogurt is low-fat Fish stewed in its own juice
3 Scrambled eggs, herring or salmon lightly salted, coffee Cutlets meat without adding onions and bread, yogurt Kefir Squid boiled
4 Bread with bran and melted cheese, strong tea Soup with fish pieces Cottage cheese casserole, tea Chicken fillet baked, kefir
5 Boiled eggs, kefir Fish cutlets without onions and breads, yogurt Milk, bread with bran Beef tenderloin stew, tea
6th Fried eggs, coffee Meat soup with meatballs Yogurt, oat bran Mussels stewed, tea
7th Cottage cheese whole, coffee Soup with fish pieces, yogurt Cottage cheese casserole, yogurt Meat cutlets, yoghurt

You can change products in the menu at your discretion, replacing meat dishes with fish, using cottage cheese in its pure form and in casseroles, cheese cakes. The diet does not indicate fluid intake, but you should remember that between snacks you should drink plenty of water, at least one and a half liters per day.

Tomato on the fork

Stage Two - Alternating

In this phase, the main weight loss occurs. Its duration is not regulated. Theoretically, you must stick to it until your weight is perfect.

Here are the basic principles of this phase.

  • We add vegetables. To an exclusively protein diet, foods rich in fiber are added. These are vegetables and greens. In total, Dr. Dukan admits the addition of twenty-eight new products, which makes the diet more balanced and diverse.
  • We alternate protein days with mixed ones. Protein days are the periods when you continue to eat only animal proteins. Mixed - when the protein products are added to the vegetable. Schemes of alternation are selected individually. To determine your interlace scheme, use the table.
Necessary weight loss Scheme (protein / mixed days)
Up to ten kilograms 1/1
Up to twenty kilograms 3/3
Up to thirty kilograms 5/5
More than thirty kilograms 5/5
  • We eat more bran. Increase the daily intake rate of the product to two tablespoons.
  • We drink more liquid. Optimal to bring the daily rate of water and tea consumption to two liters.

At the stage of alternation, weight loss occurs stably, but not intensively. The average figure is one kilogram per week. Therefore, you will need to be on a diet in this phase from several weeks to several months.

Vegetable salad in a white plate

Permitted products

You can continue to use all products that are familiar from the previous stage. In the new are added vegetables and all kinds of greens without exception.

Enter in the diet seasonal vegetables: cucumbers and tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini, all kinds of cabbage, beets and carrots. Eat all kinds of onions, mushrooms, celery and asparagus. Try those vegetables that were indifferent to earlier, for example, turnips and pumpkin, chicory, radish, string beans. Useful and tasty greens: spinach, sorrel, lettuce, coriander, dill, parsley, green onions.

Despite the fact that all vegetables are useful, some of them are prohibited, since they contain a lot of starch, hence, are too high in calories. This applies to peas and beans, potatoes, corn.

In the diet there are all the spices that you can use when cooking. Add new products to them:

  • skim cocoa - one of the products "from Dukan", it is impossible to find it in our stores;
  • starch - will help in cooking dishes from vegetables;
  • cream - usual fat content up to four percent or soy;
  • cheese - fat content of up to six percent, an incredibly rare product;
  • white and red wine - up to three tablespoons;
  • ketchup.

During the day, you can consume no more than two new products. The norm for each - up to two tablespoons a day.

Baked meat

What to cook

In this phase, food preferences and habits are usually formed, so the use of vegetables and greens, some new products, allows you to create a more or less complete diet without the risk of breakdowns. According to the opinions of those who have lost weight, the Ducane diet at this stage can include the following diet.

Table - variant of the menu for the week of the phase Alternation.

Day Breakfast Dinner Afternoon snack Dinner
1 Omelette, bread with bran, coffee Soup with meatballs, chopped vegetables Cottage cheese, tea Meat, baked in foil, vegetable salad, green tea
2 Whole cottage cheese, yogurt Fish soup with slices of fillet Bread with bran, slightly salted fish, tea Boiled meat, yogurt
3 Cottage cheese casserole, coffee Beef soup Kefir, bread with bran Cutlets from poultry fillets, vegetable salad
4 Scrambled eggs with meat Soup with fish pieces Cottage cheese casserole, tea Fish fillet baked, kefir
5 Boiled eggs, salted fish, coffee Meat cutlets, vegetable salad, yoghurt Kefir, bran Squid stewed, vegetables, tea
6th Cheesecakes, coffee Fish soup with slices of fillet Mussels boiled, yoghurt Baked meat
7th One-piece curd, boiled egg, coffee Soup with meatballs, vegetable salad, yogurt Cottage cheese casserole, yogurt Stew prefab of chicken and vegetables

Such a diet is suitable for alternating one through one. For other schemes, combine protein and mixed days in the required sequence.

Berries in the hands

Stage Three - Fastening

At this stage, weight loss occurs slowly. On average, it goes by 0.4 kilograms per week. But the author notes that the task of the stage is not to continue to lose weight, but to consolidate the result, and keep it for a long time, not allowing the weight to return.

Here are some features of the Fastening phase.

  • Add the starchy foods. In your diet, foods that you have traditionally consumed before, such as plain bread, pasta and potatoes, may gradually appear. But they should be used moderately, not constantly.
  • We increase the amount of bran. Raise the daily norm to three tablespoons of a valuable ingredient.
  • We're eating honey. A new element of the food system, which will brighten up the complete absence of sweets in the diet. Now you are allowed to eat up to three teaspoons of this useful and tasty product.
  • We arrange "holidays"! Return of the usual diet, according to the author, is impossible without some indulgence. Holidays or "feasts" are meals, during which you eat whatever you want. Absolutely any products in any quantity. It is important to remember that the "feast" is one meal, not the whole day. And you can repeat it only twice a week and not for two days in a row.
  • We return to the attack. You need to do this once a week. You can choose any day convenient for you and any menu from the first phase.

The duration of the stage is individual. According to the losing weight, it takes quite a lot of time to fix it. But the presence of new and such familiar products, the possibility of a little step away from the diet, eliminates the psychological discomfort of the stage.

Duration is calculated by the formula - 10 days for each lost kilogram in the second stage. That is, if you lost 8 kilograms on the Rotation, you will have to spend 80 days in the Fastening phase.

Cheesecakes on a plate

What to cook

Kilograms will not return if you follow the recommended diet. Your constant companions are all the protein products of the Attack phase, all plant products from the Rotation phase.

Include new components in the power system:

  • fruit, except bananas and high-calorie grapes;
  • beans, potatoes and pasta - eat no more than twice a week;
  • cheese - up to forty grams;
  • bread - up to a couple of slices a day.

Table - approximate ration for the week of the fastening phase

Day Breakfast Dinner Afternoon snack Dinner
1 Cottage cheese, tea Meat soup, oat bran, kefir Seasonal fruits Chicken fillet, baked with vegetables, garnish of potatoes
2 Omelet with turkey, coffee Fish soup with slices of fillet, salad Seasonal berries Cheesecakes, fruit, coffee
3 Meat cutlets, vegetable salad Beef soup Fruits, yogurt Meat baked, vegetable salad
4 Choose any menu from the "Attack" phase
5 Fried eggs, yogurt, coffee Soup with meatballs, salad Berries, bran Fish fillet baked, stewed vegetables
6th Casserole from cottage cheese, coffee Fish soup with slices of fillet, yogurt Seasonal fruits Baked mussels with cheese, lettuce, garnish of rice
7th One-piece curd, boiled egg, coffee Cutlets from poultry fillet, bread with bran, salad Seasonal fruits or berries Fresh vegetables, stew, 2 glasses of favorite wine

At this stage you can use the usual recipes that made up your diet earlier. Cutlets, meatballs, meatballs, all kinds of baked and stewed meat, fish, seafood are supplemented with vegetables, fruits and berries. In fact, the diet ceases to be perceived by any restriction in nutrition.

Girl drinking water

Stage four - stabilization

This stage itself Mr. Dukan calls a habit not only to eat properly, but also to lead a healthy lifestyle. How long should I stick to it? As much as you want to stay slim, healthy and attractive, that is always.

Observe the basic requirements of this phase.

  • Include in the diet any products. Or continue to eat under the menu "Attachments". This is the best way to keep the body in shape and protect it from excess weight gain.
  • Arrange one "Attack" per week. For one day, eat only protein foods.
  • Keep eating bran and drink a lot. Norms remain the same - three tablespoons of valuable fiber and two liters of water per day.
  • Pay attention to physical activity. The more you move, the better you will feel. Walk on foot, avoid elevators, perform simple exercises at home.

Girl with dumbbells

At the stage of Stabilization and even earlier, you may lose the feeling of being on a diet. Sometimes there are situations that authorized products are not available to you, for example, at a corporate or family party. Remember that you can make yourself a "feast", it's not forbidden. But after relaxation, go back one day to the protein menu.

Is Pierre Ducane's protein diet effective? Certainly. It helps to lose those extra pounds. But to consider it suitable is absolutely not everything. According to the author of the technique, he can recommend to adhere to pure "protein days" only to people with obesity, the extra weight of which poses a threat to health and life. To a greater extent adapted to the real needs of the human body can be considered only the third stage of the diet.

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