The drug "Dicinon": with what bleeding will help, the analogs and reviews

Normally, the amount of menstrual blood loss should not exceed 70-100 ml for the entire time of critical days. Anything more leads to anemia and poor health. To reduce the abundance of menstruation and shorten the duration of bleeding, various haemostatic drugs are used. Instruction for the application of "Dicinone" indicates the safety and effectiveness of its administration in many situations. How does the drug work and when is it needed?

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Bleeding from the genital tract, in addition to menstruation, can be a signal of serious diseases. Most often, dysfunction of the ovaries, uterine myomas, polyps of the endometrium is manifested. Bloody discharge is one of the first signs of a threat of abortion. In all cases, the use of "Dicinon" is useful.

Composition and action

The main substance in the composition is etamzilate. It belongs to the group of haemostatic agents. The effect is due to the following action:

  • increases the rate of formation of the blood clot;
  • stimulates the formation of platelets;
  • increases the production of III factor of blood clotting;
  • reduces the permeability of the vascular wall;
  • improves blood flow in capillaries.

Also, "Dicinon" is able to increase the synthesis of mucopolysaccharides, which "close" gaps in damaged vessels.

Despite the fact that "Dicinon" stimulates the formation of a blood clot at the site of vascular injury, the drug does not increase the likelihood of blood clots in the rest of the bloodstream.

When you need

"Dicinon" can be taken with external and internal bleeding from capillaries and small arterioles. In gynecological practice, the following situations serve as indications for use:

  • – полостных по удалению матки, маточных труб или яичников, при выскабливании, при выполнении абортов, при манипуляциях на шейке матки для профилактики или остановки кровотечения; during and after operations - cavity removal of the uterus, fallopian tubes or ovaries, with curettage, with abortion, manipulation of the cervix to prevent or stop bleeding;
  • при миоме матке, при эндометриозе, для уменьшения выделений при установленной внутриматочной спирали; profuse menstrual period - with uterine myoma, with endometriosis, to reduce secretions with an established intrauterine device;
  • неоперабельные злокачественные опухоли тела и шейки матки (чаще всего у пожилых женщин) сопровождаются периодическими спонтанными диффузными кровотечения; oncology of genital organs - inoperable malignant tumors of the body and cervix (most often in elderly women) are accompanied by periodic spontaneous diffuse bleeding;
  • «Дицинон» назначается для остановки кровотечения при угрозе выкидыша, отслойке хориона с образованием гематомы, при патологическом расположении плаценты (центральном, краевом, низком). pregnancy - "Dicinon" is appointed to stop bleeding when a threat of miscarriage, chorion detachment with the formation of a hematoma, with the pathological location of the placenta (central, marginal, low).

Dicinon is also effective in the following types of bleeding:

  • hemorrhagic cystitis;
  • bleeding from the nodes of hemorrhoids;
  • with nasal abundant bloody discharge;
  • dental interventions;
  • ENT and ophthalmological manipulations;
  • bleeding from the intestine and from the lungs.
Some women try to use these haemostatic tablets to delay the menstruation. However, in this way, you can only reduce the amount of blood lost or the duration of critical days.

Instruction for the application of "Dicinon"

Scheme reception "Dicinon" should appoint a doctor. At home, only using tablets inside is available, in a clinic or hospital - injections into the muscle or intravenously. The reception schemes are described in the table.

Table - Advantages, disadvantages and indications for different methods of drug administration

Options Pills Intramuscular injections Intravenous injections or droppers
The amount of ethamylate 250 mg in one tablet In one ampoule (2 ml) 250 mg of ethamylate
Reception scheme - 1-2 tablets 3-4 times a day before meals or after;
- during a profuse period, you can increase the dose to 1000-1500 mg / day
2-4 ml intramuscularly every 6-8 hours 2-4 ml intravenously every 6-12 hours
Start of action 3-4 hours after admission After 2-30 minutes After 5-10 minutes
Duration of therapy - until the bleeding stops;
- with abundant periods should be taken throughout the cycle
Throughout the abundant discharge During 1-2 days of abundant discharge
With abundant and moderate secretions, infusions of etamzilate are administered once or twice daily in physiological saline. This allows, in addition to stopping bleeding, replenish the volume of the lost liquid part of the blood. In addition, intramuscular injections or the administration of tablets are prescribed. A solution of ampoules can be used as a lotion or tampon on the area of ​​diffuse bleeding.

Who is contraindicated?

The use of "Dicinone" in cases of excessive monthly or other types of capillary bleeding is contraindicated in the following women:

  • with thrombosis and thromboembolism in the past;
  • with porphyria;
  • against the background of an overdose of anticoagulants;
  • with lactose intolerance, glucose (if taking in tablets).

At reception it is necessary to consider poor compatibility "Ditsinona" with alcohol. For the duration of treatment, alcoholic beverages should be discarded.

"Dicinon" can be used during pregnancy at any time. It is considered a safe drug, but there is no reliable evidence of this. During lactation, the use of etamzilate should be discarded, as it easily penetrates into breast milk.

How is it transferred?

Even with all the recommendations for how to properly drink "Dicinon" or inject it in the form of injections, the following side effects are possible:

  • headache, dizziness;
  • feeling of numbness in some part of the body;
  • nausea;
  • increased heartburn;
  • severity of the stomach;
  • allergic reactions;
  • pressure reduction;
  • temporary redness of the face.

Cases of overdose on the drug is not described, but you should follow the prescribed dosage of "Dicinone" in tablets and without prescribing the doctor not to additionally inject.

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A complete analogue of "Dicinon" is a drug with the same name for the active substance - "Etamsilat".

Similar to the haemostatic effect and used in gynecological practice, the following drugs:

  • "Vikasol";
  • Tranexam;
  • «Ascorutin».
The doctors say that in each clinical situation, an advantage should be given to a particular drug. Therefore, use "Dicinon" better on the advice of a specialist.

"Dicinon" is a haemostatic drug with a wide range of uses. The most effective use for diffuse capillary bleeding. Reviews about "Dicinone" with uterine bleeding are somewhat contradictory. This is due to frequent self-administration of the drug and non-compliance with the schemes and treatment doses. Abnormal spotting from the genital tract at any age (adolescent, mature and with menopause) should primarily be the cause of immediate medical treatment.


I have such a sitauation; and a month later came 2 weeks earlier (the day before the wedding), too, drank dicynon 3 days for 3 tables. stopped immediately after 2 hours. then they came as usual. and this month I can not wait in any way 2 weeks as there is no. all the same I think it's its consequences (((

, Elena ,

Etamsylate significantly reduces the amount of blood lost during regular menstruation. This is not a myth! But the real myth is that the monthly may be delayed by this drug. I was lying in the hospital and I was stabbed with this drug 10 days 3 times a day (not for gynecological reasons). On the 5th day of admission on time came monthly, but they were meager and lasted only 3 days. On my question to the doctor "What's going on?" He replied: "This is the norm, it should be so, because you are being pricked by Etamsilat." Elena,

At me on a nervous basis for 14 day of a cycle monthly have again begun, have written out ditsinon, the doctor has told or said if not will end, cleaning. Thank God it's over. The principle of 7-8 days sluggish, this is not the reason to take dicinon. At me after sorts or labors, that month morbidly and a little on days go, for the following month it is not morbid, but days 7. Gargona,

I want to talk about an unexpected women's problem, which suddenly caught me somehow unawares. Since adolescence, I have never complained about the monthly troubles of girls, everything was "on schedule" and there was never any special blood loss. It's somehow not so long ago I learned what the "percolation mania" is. Critical days I came a little earlier than laid and the allocation was well, very abundant. It seems to be nothing terrible, as I started dizzy and terribly dark in the eyes - the body could not cope with blood loss. To help came an excellent preparation produced by Slovenia, Dicinon. The doctor prescribed to take 3 times a day, the effect comes in a few hours, besides, it helps not only from profuse menstruation, but also with capillary bleeding, even bleeding gums, and also has beneficial effects on the legs (even phlebologists advise). Anastazy,

After 4 months. after cesarean bleeding from the uterus began, went to the doctor - it was found out, the endometrium is a lot thick, it departs, from this and the blood. To me have registered a course Oksitotsina and Ditsinon in tablets 2 times a day of 10 days. At the same time, I once told the doctor that I'm breast-feeding and that I need treatment, harmless for the baby. She convinced me that Oxytocin and Dicynon are completely safe. Three days she was taking medication (droppers and injections of Dicinon in the clinic), the blood stopped from the first day.

, Petronique ,

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