Young - "green"?

"I remember right that crucial moment: I'm sitting, I'm taking an examination in higher mathematics. And I think: how could I have managed to do something stupid in this department? I do not understand anything at all. It's just darkness. And I sit and cry over the notes, and I think, God, well, send me a sign some. Well, what should I do, eh? And then - bang! Sms comes. The girlfriend writes: "Ksyusha, and remember, you have lost weight so well, help me also make a nutrition program, I want to lose weight." I did not do anything like that before, but then I realized that I can not refuse. I asked a lot of questions to my girlfriend, collected all my knowledge, which helped me in due time - and made up. And I realized that this is, perhaps, my vocation. I went to study nutrition , to study medicine. The most beautiful thing about my work is that I change people for the better. This makes me happy. "


"And my mother says:" Natasha, are you even in your mind? So what if you have three rooms in the apartment? Is it necessary to put a refrigerator for flowers and put flowers in the apartment straight? It's mud! And you are going to study at all? "And I ordered flowers at that time for one company and thought - well, I, too, can work as a florist. She put a fridge for flowers at home: she collected it herself, she brought the bouquets herself. And nothing, you know. Everything has developed. "


"When I studied at the university, I got an economist in one company. Then they left me after studying there, and then the crisis broke out, and they cut me. Of course, at first I tried to search for a job by profession. Went for interviews. Then she even agreed to a position with a salary of 18 thousand rubles. I came and sat in the office for a computer. I sit and think - well, no. All. I really do not want to do this. And she left. She began to deal with Internet sales, formalized IP, things began to improve. Dad said to me: "You're crazy, you would work like everyone else - in a decent place, with a stable salary." As all I did not want, of course, so I did not listen to anyone. Now I have my own store. The biggest fear for me is to work by profession in the office from 9 to 18. But I do not blame anyone: to each his own. "

These are the stories of my acquaintances, who one day opened their own business.

I collected them in a bunch for a reason. Recently I had a small shock. Shock is like that. I decided to do an interview with a florist - to talk about that, about this, to find out what trends are now in the flower world. And we have a well-known flower salon in the city that was born about three years ago when in Tomsk a red rose in a polyethylene "gut" or a bouquet of chrysanthemums with dill and gypsophiles was not considered a sign of bad taste. And then this salon with bouquets of terribly rare then we have peonies, pion-shaped roses in a package of burlap and kraft paper. The bouquets were beautiful, all three years the salon successfully developed, and I decided to turn to the woman who opened it and wonderfully promoted the market.

Of course, only a woman with many years of experience in the flower industry could open such a salon. So I thought, dialing the phone salon and sent by link "Vkontakte" to the very owner of the business. To my shock, she turned out to be an incredibly nice girl of 22 years old, who, judging by my calculations, at the time of the business opening, was 19 years old.

I immediately remembered myself at the age of 19. A second-year student of journalism in an eerie puffed down jacket. I was not bothered at all where the money came from. I thought, like many of my classmates and peers, that I will grow up, I will graduate from high school, and the money will come. Maximum - I occasionally worked as a journalist.

And certainly all of us together did not think that opening their business in 19 years is a simple matter. And all the more I do not know almost anyone who among my peers at that time took and did it. Well, maybe only Pasha Durov - but I will not say that he is a typical example for my peers.

I do not mean that representatives of my generation lack a business gene at all. Of course, among the 30-year-old people there are many who successfully manage their business. Rather, I want to say that if you look around today, you will see an incredible number of young people who are boldly developing their business. Photographers, make-up artists, videographers, wedding managers, decorators, florists, restaurateurs, successful bloggers, nutritionists, personal trainers, networkers, even actors are all people who are not 30 years old. Due to their strength of 20 with a little, many of them study at the university and do not even think, it would seem, that their business start may be unsuccessful. They try, they get it - and it's fine.

Immediately I brush off a tear-stained tear and think that even to my freelance (I can say, also some businesswoman), I did not go as easily and boldly as I could: this was preceded by as many as 6 years of hiring work.

I involuntarily recall my many years of working experience and the notorious "theory of generations", which several years ago began to actively lobby advanced hr-specialists. Who does not know: it deals with the fact that representatives of different generations have a different approach to work based on different cultural and educational basis, and on what "cartoons" they grew up. So - the generation of baby boomers (40s - 60s of the last century) is considered to be the most mammoth of the labor market: these people have always been aimed at teamwork, the spirit of collectivism still prevails in them. Today they have basically reached the retirement age, but many of them still work successfully.

Generation X - people born in the late 60's and until the mid-80's: they used to build a career gradually, thoughtfully, gradually moving up the career ladder and, as a rule, developing within the framework of one company. And then comes the generation of Y, it refers to those whose date of birth fell to the end of the 80's - the beginning of "zero". It turns out that I and my peers just get to the very beginning of this generation. These people are not used to starting their way from the very bottom: they need everything at once. They choose those areas in which you can quickly make money, and often work not by profession. This is, of course, caused by the incredible power of information and the unstable situation in the market.

Well, what can I say: it turns out that everything is correct. Unless, with the caveat that my peers happened to rise at the very beginning, therefore, the characteristic Y-signs are, perhaps, in an embryonic state. At least, the majority. But those who are younger than us only 5 years old, already make us fully realize the correctness of the above theory.

After all, your business - this is exactly the same opportunity to be realized here and now, to try and manage, and if it was not possible - to spit and start again.

To what I'm leading this. This is, you know, a shred of positive on the general background of eternal grumbling and indignation. Usually young people are scolded - they say, they do not need anything other than gadgets, they say, in our time this was not.

So I do not agree.

I take pride in our young people - despite the fact that I also treat it as well, - we are talking about the youth that comes to us on the heels. I am glad that in this world, where we were taught from childhood that it is necessary to study well, get a decent profession, go to work on a specialty and build our life according to long-established canons, there are those who, from the young age, are ready to go against the system, and successfully it does. Who is not afraid to make choices and make decisions, who risks, experiments and does not despair because of failures. Who achieves the set goals and puts new ones. And to whom - strange as it may sound - many of us should look not with disdain, they say, young green, but with admiration. And maybe, even worth taking an example from them.

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