List of products of the gluten-free diet: the elementary truths of a fashionable food system

This is a terrible word "gluten" ... In fact, 99% of the inhabitants of the Earth can not be afraid of it. Gluten intolerance affects not more than 1% of people on the planet. But despite this, the gluten-free diet is extremely popular. It adheres to both adults and children. Do we all have to avoid this substance? Or the fear of gluten is nothing more than a meaningless myth?

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The second name for gluten is gluten. This collective term is used to refer to a group of storing proteins that are contained in cereal crops. Most of all gluten in rye, barley and wheat. It is the gluten that gives the flour the "gluing" ability. The more it is in the product, the higher the quality of flour and the more luxurious and delicious it will be cooked from it pastries and bread. Wheat of superior quality contains about 30% of gluten.

What you need to know about allergy to gluten

Celiac disease is the most common association with gluten. In fact, it's an allergy to gluten. Getting into the stomach, products containing this substance, glue together all that is in the walls of the digestive organ, and thereby provoke an allergic reaction in some people.

Gluten intolerance is an extremely rare autoimmune disease that occurs in one in 200 people. With celiac disease, products containing gluten are excluded from the diet, after which the patient's well-being is significantly improved. People who are ill with this disease have virtually no choice: they are obliged to give up gluten-containing food in order to be able to lead a full life.

Symptoms of an autoimmune disease

With celiac disease, food with a high content of gluten does an undeniable harm to the body. Constant flatulence, diarrhea, weakness, foamy stool - all these are allergic symptoms to gluten, which are repeated in the patient with an enviable periodicity.

But despite the rarity, recently the diagnosis of "gluten intolerance" sounds more often. And not only from television screens, but also from conversations of "savvy" doctors. Modern moms undertook to diagnose a rare disease in their own babies themselves. And having identified the "disease" - immediately take decisive action. Apparently, that's why a gluten-free diet for children on many people's lips.

In fact, with celiac disease, eating restrictions are equivalent to both the younger generation and adults. That's only diagnosis of the disease should take place exclusively in clinical settings. To identify the disease, you will need to conduct a series of laboratory tests. Therefore, if you suddenly suspected yourself, your child or a close person something like that, do not play doctor - go to the hospital.

Gluten-free diet for weight loss and not only

Reviews of the gluten-free diet are sometimes fundamentally different in their message. Some say that the food system, which implies the total elimination of gluten from the diet, gives a 100% positive effect. Others note that for a long time they did not achieve the desired results. Therefore, it is so important to distinguish between gluten and gluten-containing products.

The ban on the use of gluten in its pure form is a contraindication, which concerns exclusively celiac patients. Everyone else should not be afraid of this substance. Another question is the food in which it is contained: fresh white bread, muffins and luscious rolls, donuts with glaze and crispy wafers. From these products, you can really wait for side effects in the form of extra centimeters in problem areas.

Gluten-free diet for weight loss is effective only when it is based on the rejection of fast carbohydrates containing gluten. The rest of the gluten-containing products do not affect weight in any way.

Not a panacea

A diet without gluten for some becomes a real "salvation". And in this case, it's not only and not so much about patients with celiac disease, but about people who are being treated with the placebo effect. The following five myths do not have any scientific justification.

  1. . Losing weight . To date, scientific evidence that the rejection of gluten helps to reduce body weight, is not revealed.
  2. . Acne and acne . To combat acne, nutritionists are often advised to give up bakery products and put patients on a dairy-free diet, because these products stimulate the production of subcutaneous fat. But this process is not connected with gluten.
  3. . Hypothyroidism, epilepsy . The fact that eating foods marked gluten free contributes to the recovery of patients with hypothyroidism and epilepsy remains unproved.
  4. . Autoimmune thyroiditis . Comments of doctors who have a weighty word in world medicine, convince: if a patient with autoimmune thyroiditis does not suffer celiac disease at the same time, depriving himself of the opportunity to enjoy freshly baked bread and fragrant croissants is completely pointless.
  5. . Autism . A gluten-free diet for autistics is worthy of special attention. Mysterious autoimmune disease has not even been studied to the end. Doctors can not name the exact reasons for its occurrence, and therefore the successful methods of treatment are not yet being talked about. Recent studies have shown that dietary meals built on the rejection of gluten and casein did not in any way improve behavioral or digestive symptoms in autistic children.
But the scientific world has reason to believe that gluten-free foods help treat rheumatoid arthritis. But research on this issue is still ongoing, so it's too early to draw conclusions.

Products gluten free

To make a menu of a gluten-free diet for a week, at first you will have to sweat fairly. It is not so easy to understand the list of allowed and forbidden products as it seems. For example, wheat contains gluten. And in his favorite pizza "Margarita" he is hidden - disguised. The paramount task is to learn how to identify both the first and second type of gluten, so as not to engage in self-deception.

The list of allowed products, presented in the table below, can be consumed without any "but". None of the participants in the list have a single drop of gluten.

Table - Products without gluten

Category Products |
Eggs - Chicken;
- Goose;
- quail;
- ostrich
Fruits and vegetables - Fresh - any
Nuts and beans - White and red beans;
- beans;
- fresh sunflower seeds;
- any nuts
Dairy - Milk;
- kefir;
- Serum;
- yogurt without additives
Cereals - Amaranth;
- buckwheat grain;
- flax seed;
- corn flour;
- starch (corn and potato);
- soybean;
- Millet;
- corn grits;
- rice;
- oat flakes marked gluten free;
- flour marked gluten free
A fish - Any

Gluten-containing wheat flour can easily be replaced with any other - without gluten. However, on domestic shelves the choice of "other" flour is extremely narrow. Therefore, most often the recipes for a gluten-free diet, adapted for our country, are based on fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish, milk and eggs, and not on baking.

Menu for 7 days

If you have firmly decided to test the effectiveness of a gluten-free diet on yourself, first prepare for it morally. Then stock up on the necessary set of products so that before each meal you do not have to run to the store. Well, when everything is ready - boldly start the experiment.

Lose weight will be anyway. Perhaps this will contribute not to release from gluten, but to use more useful and natural foods. But what's the difference? Winners are not judged, are they? The weekly menu proposed in the table will simplify the task as much as possible. You will only have to cook these dishes.

Table - Menu for 7 days

Day of the week Breakfast Dinner Dinner
Monday - Porridge from rice;
- A handful of fresh berries;
- tea
- Soup with spinach;
- boiled potatoes;
- Vegetable Salad;
- tea
- Wheat porridge (half porcions);
- A handful of walnuts;
- baked chicken fillet;
- yoghurt without additives
Tuesday - Cottage cheese with raspberries or strawberries;
- two rice loaves;
- tea with a spoon of honey
- Vegetable soup;
- vegetable stew;
- a portion of pilaf;
- Morse
- Baked potato;
- steak from salmon;
- a glass of kefir
Wednesday - Omelette from two eggs;
- a piece of hard cheese;
- unsweetened tea
- The ear;
- a half of boiled rice;
- steam chicken cutlet;
- Mint tea
- Cottage cheese casserole;
- 400 g of fruit (view to choose)
Thursday - Carrot salad;
- fried Halloumi cheese;
- A handful of walnuts;
- a cup of custard coffee
- Chicken bouillon;
- chop from beef without batter;
- beans stewed in tomato juice;
- cabbage salad;
- compote
- Draniki, cooked with rice flour;
- fish in a double boiler;
- Fresh from an apple or an orange
Friday - Corn flakes gluten free;
- Low-fat yogurt;
- two apples
- Serving of borsch;
- three meatballs from chicken fillet;
- tea
- Buckwheat;
- boiled chicken meat;
- Herb tea
Saturday - Pancakes mixed in flour gluten free;
- honey;
- drinking yogurt
- Chicken cutlet;
- rice;
- Morse
- Fish in foil;
- vegetable stew;
- drinking yoghurt;
- orange
Sunday - Portion of dried fruits;
- a portion of cottage cheese;
- coffee
- Soup with meatballs;
- a portion of stewed fish;
- a portion of buckwheat porridge;
- natural juice
- Boiled chicken (portion);
- buckwheat;
- a glass of yogurt;
- tea with mint

Rye bread is banned

Prohibited food

With the basic taboos everything is very clear. Glue storage areas are:

  • wheat;
  • rye;
  • oats;
  • barley.

But what to do with hidden gluten, which is also trying to dig deeper into a product, hide under a wrapper and be eaten? If you want to completely eliminate gluten from your diet, you will have to be a little detective and analyst. The table of forbidden products will tell you what to look for first.

Table - Food containing "hidden" gluten

Category List of products Reason for expulsion from the diet
Flour products - Sweets;
- rolls and bread;
- cakes;
- dough made of wheat flour;
- bread crumbs;
- bran;
- pizza;
- flakes of "Hercules";
- croup "Artek"
- Prepared from high-gluten cereals
Semi-finished meat products - Sausages;
- small sausages;
- sausage boiled and smoked;
- cutlets;
- dumplings
- Include soy, containing gluten, as a meat substitute
Alcohol - Beer;
- vodka that was not distilled
- Prepared on the basis of barley and wheat containing gluten

Hidden Danger

The list of prohibited products is not limited to a short table. Some "residents" of grocery stores require a separate mention and explanation.

  • . Nutritional starch . This popular ingredient in Asian cuisine dishes sometimes consists partly of wheat starch, which is adjacent to a perfectly safe corn or potato within the product. To protect yourself from gluten for sure, it is better to completely eliminate all the starch from the diet.
  • . Table vinegar . It is prepared by distilling grains of cereals. So, it also contains gluten. Excluding table vinegar from the diet, remember: you can always find supermarkets on the shelves an alternative to this product. It can be replaced with a delicate apple cider vinegar or a specific wine.
  • . Extracts for baking . These are original taste compositions based on alcohol and, as a rule, including wheat. Therefore, such extracts should be avoided. The usual aromatic vanillin helps you.
  • . Rice syrup . One of the main ingredients of this food supplement is barley malt. It is full of forbidden gluten.
  • . Candy . Who would have thought, but this delicacy is a taboo for adherents of a gluten-free diet. There are no gluten in the composition of sweets. But at the production stage confectioners, to prevent the clumping of chocolates and caramels together with each other, sprinkle them with ordinary flour from wheat.
  • . French fries . On the idea, having prepared this dish at home in a clean frying pan and a serving of fresh oil, you can safely enjoy, though not the most useful, but definitely favorite food. But in fast food and restaurants, you do not need to order french fries. If in the oil before the potato gluten-containing foods have visited, the risk of the semi-finished product picking up the "gluten" on itself is inevitable.
A popular children's toy - a colorful dough for modeling Play Doh - can also be dangerous for a child with diagnosed celiac disease. To "glue" the ingredients of plasticine, the manufacturer uses wheat starch.

Main risks

Most diets that benefit the figure can incidentally have a negative impact on the body. Therefore, it is so important to consult a doctor before changing the feeding system, having received a green light from him for experiments.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are common taboos for all kinds of diets. Experiments with their metabolism and work on correcting the figure future and newly mums should be postponed for a period after lactation.

Now the main thing is about the losses that a gluten-free diet can bring. Going to this food system, a person runs the risk of losing a huge amount of useful substances:

  • folic acid;
  • iron;
  • calcium;
  • cellulose;
  • vitamins B1 and B3.

Those whose diet before the diet was saturated with fruits, vegetables and whole grains, this risk does not apply. When switching to gluten-free meals, they are unlikely to feel the lack of these "utility" on themselves. But those who preferred whole-grain food air cakes in unlimited quantities, can really suffer. The problem is that all the above vitamins and minerals such people previously received from bakery products. It is for this reason that most dieticians prescribe multivitamin complexes to their clients.

And frankly, the widespread propaganda of the gluten-free diet is more like a thought-out marketing move. It's enough to dig a little deeper - and the superficial arguments that sound from TV screens and magazine pages immediately dissipate like smoke. Do not take rejection of gluten as a panacea. Do not put too much hope on this food system. Especially when it comes to treating the most complex ailments. Remember that the effectiveness of diet is scientifically proven and confirmed only with celiac disease - allergies to gluten. All the rest is just myths, hypotheses and assumptions.

But if you decide to experiment with your own organism, do not forget to consult a nutritionist and a doctor. And after "the customs will give good", study in detail the list of products of the gluten-free diet and exercise in the culinary arts. Begin with the simplest recipes, and in time you will succumb to even the masterpieces of modern gastronomy.

Reviews: "Sugar is not included in the list of forbidden products"

Yes, sugar is not included in the list of forbidden foods under the BG diet, since it does not contain gluten. The general recommendations are that, depending on the diagnosis, the amount and "origin" of the added sugar should also be taken into account. A lot of sugar to all to the detriment, so you should limit. If there are additional problems caused by sweets and in particular sugar (one of the examples - candidiasis - the most common condition), then you need to exclude not only sugar, but also other refined carbohydrates and even fruits.

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In principle, you need to read the compounds and look after the body's reaction. For example, the entire line of Valio, except for one drinking yogurt, without gluten. Danone makes many gluten-free foods, Otermani. With chocolate zapar - in your favorite Amery is gluten, in Lindt like no, but the reaction gives. And you can also corn sticks, uiiii! By the way, expensive smoked sausages are also possible, they do not contain vegetable protein. Mongo bio-oatmeal and all cereals, except rye, barley and wheat. And many manufacturers lie, they say that there is no gluten (the composition says this), but it is, as in an anecdote about the gopher.

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