Banana massage from cellulite: on technique, bruises, and results

The cost of a salon course of such a massage and pictures of the terrible consequences of home procedures with bruises, stretch marks and bruises scare anyone. At the same time, there is a goal to correct the defects of the body and get rid of the "orange peel". How correctly to do anti-cellulite massage by banks at home without harming one's own health?

The content of the article

The causes of the appearance of cellulite are complex - this is banal gluttony, and lack of physical exertion, and most importantly, a violation of metabolic processes in the body. "Orange peel" can appear in the girl, regardless of her complexion and age. Now this problem has "grown younger" enough that even 8-10-year-old girls have signs of cellulite. Get this trouble pretty easily, get rid of it hard, and sometimes impossible. Anti-cellulite massage is a recognized method of combating unattractive tubercles. The result is promising fast: changes in texture and skin relief are visible after the first sessions.

3 types of procedure

According to the technique of performing anti-cellulite massage can be divided into three types. They have their own characteristics and recommendations for each individual case. The only thing that unites them is that regular procedures are required to obtain a visible result.

  1. . Manual . The most common kind. The technique is divided into plucked, warming and lyfodrenazhny. It is carried out by qualified specialists-masseurs and is the best "medicine" for cellulite of the initial stages. It is an active effect on the problem areas of the body. To enhance the effect of using anti-cellulite cream. The disadvantages include high morbidity, especially in girls with a low pain threshold of sensitivity. After the procedure, bruises often remain.
  2. . Hardware . Under this formulation are combined in salon types of massage: vacuum, vibration, ultrasonic, electro-current, LPG massage, press. Methods consist in the impact of special equipment, including computerized, on cellulite of the third and fourth stages. These procedures are delicate or painful at the initial stage. The hardware massage leaves no bruising.
  3. . Canned . This is a vacuum massage, which is practiced at home. It is necessary to master the technique of its implementation independently and purchase banks. Like manual, it can leave traces on the body (redness, bruises), but less painful. According to reviews, in non-running cases can guarantee 100% result.
The choice of method depends on personal preferences and possibilities. If the financial situation allows, the girls trust their body to cosmetologists. Those who want to save try independent procedures.

Anti-cellulite massage by banks: what you need to know

Such a cosmetic procedure, like a can of massage, eliminates the visual part of the problem, the tip of the iceberg. But it is important to begin treatment with the elimination of cellulite causes. In particular, change the way of life, change eating habits, play sports. In such a "tandem" you can achieve a more convincing effect of massage.

Operating principle

The concept of "cellulite" is formed by two words: "cellula" and "itis", which in translation sounds like "cage" and "inflammation". This is a cosmetic defect in the subcutaneous tissue, its change due to irregularities in the functioning of the lymphatic and circulatory systems. During a vacuum massage, the bank sucks the affected areas of the skin. Due to mechanical effects, there is an increase in lymph flow and circulation, the removal of toxins from skin cells. These important processes trigger the stimulation by the banks of the epidermis, resulting in the disappearance of the external signs of cellulite - the so-called "orange peel".


For can massage, the indication is the presence of cellulite and fat deposits on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, upper arms. Cellulite skin on these parts of the body is the most popular female problem, almost 80% of the fair sex are familiar with it.

Banana massage is prohibited in the places of lymph nodes: in the popliteal and inguinal area, at the elbow joint, near the neck and mammary glands. Banks can not be placed above the heart, kidneys and directly on the spine. The massage does not cover the inside of the thighs. The next warning to many may seem strange, but: in no case do self-massage ... with a vacuum cleaner. This greatly damages the vessels and skin.

List of contraindications

Before making an anti-cellulite massage with cans, be sure to read the list of contraindications for such massage sessions. So, the procedure is strictly forbidden under the following health conditions:

  • blood diseases;
  • neoplasms of various etiologies;
  • connective tissue diseases;
  • with varicose veins and thrombophlebitis;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • tuberculosis;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • inflammatory skin processes;
  • diseases of the urinary system;
  • with cholelithiasis.

Taboo on holding a can of massage extends to the time of pregnancy, as well as lactation. Massage on the chest, stomach and back after natural delivery, and especially after caesarean section is possible only after six months and after consulting with a gynecologist.

The first six months after the birth of the child will have to return the tone to the skin with limited measures: rubbing with a stiff brush and a contrast shower. It is generally accepted that massage can not be done with menstruation. During menstruation, do not recommend to work on the skin of the waist and abdomen. Hands, legs and buttocks during this period can be massaged without fear, in any way, including can.

Selection of cans

The canning massage technique is easy to recognize by the bruises that the cans leave on the skin. The size, color and saturation of the bruise depend on the type of massage device and the skill of execution. So which banks to choose?

  • . Glass . We are talking about ordinary medical banks with a "torch" inside, which in the past years were treated for colds. Their high efficiency is combined with enormous inconvenience and questionable security. At present, they are almost impossible to buy: glass medical jars have simply stopped producing.
  • . Plastic . Their advantages are affordability, ergonomics and security, therefore plastic cans are widely used for home massage. They easily stick to the surface of the body due to pressure changes. The drawbacks are their fragility.
  • . Glass with plastic cover . Such banks can be found in massage parlors. Adaptations combine all the advantages of the two previous species and are absolutely devoid of their shortcomings.
  • . Silicone . The most modern banks have the main advantage - ease of use. They are clamped with fingers, applied to the desired area of ​​the body and fixed by unclenching the brush. They do not crack like plastic, do not break like glass. They are convenient to adjust the suction power. At the same time, among the prototypes, the least effective. Silicone and plastic jars can have additional cunning nozzles - a pump or a "pear", which pumped out the air.
You can also choose rubber cans, they are the most budget. Ceramic jars have the highest cost. "Exotica" offers online stores - banks of bamboo, which correct their figure of a Chinese woman. Whatever variety and diameter of cans is chosen, the main principle will remain the technique of massage.

The execution algorithm

To properly massage with an anti-cellulite jar, the skin needs to be prepared for this procedure. To begin with, we get rid of the contamination of the skin, taking a warm shower with obligatory scrubbing. Clean body does not wipe dry, but we dip it with a towel. Then we perform the following four required items.

  1. . Warming up . Careful warming of the skin minimizes the unpleasant sensations and effects of self-massage. The areas of the buttocks and abdomen are kneaded all over the surface of the palm until light redness appears. To prepare the hips, put your foot on a chair and alternate movements: circular - rubbing, straight - stroking. Warming up is usually completed with "effacing" movements, which are performed by the ribs of the palms. Many girls use high-quality accessories for high-quality heating: a rolling pin or a brush.
  2. . Lubricating . Anti-cellulite massages have several options for performing (on moistened or dry skin). On a dry body, the banks seem to have a significant impact. In fact, it is mistaken. To obtain the desired effect, the banks should slide. Therefore, before the procedure, the skin must be lubricated with oil for massage. It should be enough: more than for a regular massage. Instead of massage, olive or baby cosmetic oil is suitable.
  3. . Massiruem . We remove oil residues from our hands, take a massage jar. During the procedure, it must be sealed to the body. In case of its "peeling off", a characteristic sound will appear, signaling that little oil has been applied or the air is not fully evacuated. We remove the defect, reposition the jar and smoothly move it along the lymphatic vessels. Movement should have a clear direction - from the bottom up, on the stomach - clockwise. A little pain is acceptable. If, while keeping the jar, the skin stretches, and painful sensations are felt, then hold the skin with your hand. With severe pain, the procedure must be stopped.
  4. . Moisturize . At the final stage of the massage you need to wipe the remains of oil with a napkin, apply a moisturizing or anti-cellulite cream on the body.
To conduct vacuum massage from cellulite at home is very convenient. After all, after it you can safely rest, half an hour lying in a comfortable pose under the blanket.

Banks for anti-cellulite massage

Can massage of buttocks, thighs ...

For convenience, it is necessary to lie down on one side, attach a massage jar to the skin of the thigh. Then slowly, smoothly and without stopping, move it in the direction of "bottom-up". Start with straight lines, then move to wave-like, spiral and zigzag movements. Buttocks massage in a circle. Control that the depth of retraction of the skin is 1-3 cm. With a larger rate, just let a little air in under the jar by pressing your finger at the skin at the base of the jar.

... and abdomen

When massaging the abdomen, it is necessary to move clockwise from the middle of the waist to the navel, without pressing and gradually widening the area of ​​the circle. Movements should not be chaotic. With the right technique, there will be a slight reddening of the skin.

The stomach is allowed to massage for no more than five minutes, if necessary, the procedure can be carried out often - every other day. Experts recommend in parallel with anti-cellulite massage of the stomach, and work with the banks and back.

How often should I do

If you follow all the recommendations faithfully, exercise stress and rational nutrition, reduce your volumes and get rid of cellulite tubercles in four months. To the intensity of procedures, professional masseurs are suitable individually. Traditionally, they take into account the stage of cellulite, the lifestyle of the patient, the recovery capabilities of the body.

At home, it is considered the norm to do a can of anti-cellulite massage twice a week, two massage days in a row are not recommended. Massage of one problem zone should be carried out on average from five to seven to 15-20 minutes, depending on the scale of the "catastrophe" and finish with the appearance of a pronounced redness. If there is a tendency to cellulite, massage should be repeated every six to eight months.

How to increase the effect

If you want to enhance the effect of canned anti-cellulite massage, in a duet with a vacuum effect, use honey, a mixture of essential oils with spices and spices.


Honey anti-cellulite massage by banks is not a special massage technique, but a "sweet" addition to anti-cellulite procedures. The benefits of honey are huge: it not only cleanses and strengthens the skin, smooths the contours of the body and removes the sides, but also reduces the probability of repeated appearance of cellulite. The product is heated in a microwave or water bath, and then applied to the skin in a thin, even layer. For a better gliding of the can, honey can be diluted in equal proportion with olive, grape or linseed oil. Judging by the reviews, no anti-cellulite drug is able to compete with honey.

Banks on the leg

Mustard and pepper

Enrich the foundation, that is massage or any vegetable oil, with essential oil of any citrus, geranium, cedar, juniper or cypress. An additional heating effect will provide spices.

Recipe for a massage mixture

  1. Take three tablespoons of olive oil.
  2. We connect with cinnamon and red pepper (or cinnamon and dry mustard). It will take a pinch of each.
  3. The composition is heated in a water bath.
  4. In the mixture, add four drops of any of the recommended essential oils.

To assess the effect of anti-cellulite massage with the help of cans, perform a simple test: sit on a chair, throwing your leg behind your leg and pay attention to problem areas of the body. With a quality massage course, the external aspect of the problem should be eliminated. The condition of the skin will improve noticeably, the skin will become smooth, elastic and elastic, the tubercles will disappear.

Banana massage from cellulite gives effective treatment only with a comprehensive approach. At the same time, it will be necessary to abandon bad habits, fast food, keeping an active lifestyle with a daily intake of 1.5-2 liters of water. Then over time, the body begins to pull itself out of the "cellulite" problem.

Reviews: "Some banks have not managed"

I think that I will not go wrong with a gram if I suppose that most girls with a spring approach begin to convulsively pick up and try various ways of losing weight, trying to look at the beach season for all "growth-110" kg or 90-60-90. Diets, exercises and, of course, massage. Classic. I decided to entrust my troubled zones to the queen banks. I trusted them for a long time, hardly becoming a mother. They helped quickly bring the puziko back into place. And not so long ago, sensing the approach of a hot pore, decided to do "ears" on the hips ... Everything took 10 sessions - did in a day. The result is already noticeable. Previously, my hips smoothly continued in the ass Now the border of the above places is seen well. Threefold Hurray! The banks themselves - 2 pieces - are small, made of dense silicone. Suck tightly. They do their work for 5+. With the banks in the package was the instruction and recommendations for use. Somehow it's difficult to apply them improperly. Stuck is wonderful because it works. Together with the banks for massage used body gel "YES TO CUCUMBERS". Of course, some banks did not. I repeat: diet (in my case kefir for the night instead of dinner), physical activities (I run sometimes) + massage.
I recommend banks, of course. All the girls I want to be always beautiful and fit. Not only in spring and summer MamaMasha,

Fight with cellulite should be long and complex. Honey massage helps a lot. It is still good to unroll the problem zones daily with a rolling pin. Natalia (Tambov),

Last year I used about 2.5 months. Only in a day, as the skin should rest. The bruises were, but quickly passed, then they ceased appearing. And it hurt only at the beginning, then how did the bud get used to it. The skin was much more elastic, at first in the jar almost half absorbed, then it was hard even to suck. And my skin was very weak, but nothing happened, the capillaries did not splinter)))) It's just a matter of time. KatieKot,

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