The drug "Acilact": when useful bacteria are needed

The human body is inhabited by a variety of bacteria. They perform important functions, provide good immunity, digestion, protection against diseases. The imbalance between normal and pathogenic flora leads to various ailments. To correct such conditions, drugs based on lactobacilli are used. What indications for use does the instruction on the use of "Atzilact" give?

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Preparations based on lactobacilli - "useful microbes" - ensure their action due to competition for nutrients and habitats with pathogenic microorganisms. "Acilact" can not act as the only medication for the entire course, it is an auxiliary component of the treatment regimen.

Composition and principle of action

The drug "Acylact" exists in the form of suppositories, tablets and lyophilizate for oral administration. The composition of the drug includes three varieties of lactobacilli (Lactobacillus acidophilus):

  • 100аш;
  • K3W24;
  • NK1.

The detailed composition and quantity of CFU-colony-forming units - in different forms of drug release are presented in the table.

Table - Composition and dosage of various forms of medicine "Acilact"

The form Structure of the main Additional components
Pills 1 dose = 10 million cfu (107 bacteria)
3 doses = 30 million CFU (3 * 107 bacteria)
- Vitamin and mineral complexes; - proteins
Lyophilizate 3 doses = 30 million CFU (3 * 107 bacteria)
5 doses = 50 million cfu (5 * 107 bacteria)
Sugar-gelatin-lactic environment
Candles 1 dose = 10 million cfu (107 bacteria) Fat foundation

The main effect of the drug is based on the antagonistic relationship between lactobacilli and pathogenic microbes. As a result of this antagonism, the number of the latter is significantly reduced. "Acilact" has the following effects:

  • restores the biocenosis of the digestive tract, the vagina;
  • increases local immunity;
  • has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • improves metabolic processes in tissues.

When using candles "Atzilact" lactobacilli, reproducing in the vagina, they process glycogen and secrete lactic acid. So they maintain a low pH, which is disastrous for most pathogens. At the same time, Doderlein's sticks are actively multiplying in such conditions. Thus, "Acilact" gives time to lactic acid bacteria (Dodderlein's sticks) to re-occupy leading positions and maintain a clean environment in the vagina.

The high content of lactobacilli does not allow for the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. They themselves "eat" all nutrients, occupy all the mucous membranes. Due to this, the drug has a nonspecific anti-inflammatory effect, and can also serve as a preventive measure for various disorders and dysbiosis.

When a medicine is used

The main purpose of the drug is the prevention of microflora disorders in the oral cavity, other parts of the gastrointestinal tract, and also in the vagina. Details of indications for the use of tablets, suppositories and lyophilizate are presented in the table.

Table - Indications for the use of tablets, suppositories and powder "Acilact"

Dosage form Indications for use
Pills - Dysbacteriosis of the intestine on the background of taking antibiotics;
- Infringement of a microflora of a vagina on a background of sexual infections;
- dysbiosis of the mucous vagina with age-related hormonal changes;
- before childbirth, if there were recently inflammatory processes in the vagina;
- for prophylaxis on the eve of surgical interventions;
- as a complex treatment of recurrent cystitis, urethritis
Powder - Treatment and prevention of oral diseases;
- treatment of colitis, enterocolitis;
- with intestinal poisoning;
- Treatment of ulcerative colitis;
- treatment of atopic dermatitis;
- gingivitis, stomatitis, glossitis
Candles - Colpitis after treatment with antibacterial agents;
- bacterial vaginosis (gardnerellez);
- infringement of flora of a vagina of age character;
- on the eve of childbirth to prevent complications;
- on the eve of operations to prevent complications;
- in the complex therapy of vaginitis in sexually transmitted infections (chlamydia, myco-and ureaplasma, Trichomonas)
In obstetric-gynecological practice, any prescription of antibiotics for the purpose of treatment should be accompanied by a subsequent course of taking lactobacilli. Otherwise, "free places" will again be occupied by conditionally pathogenic and pathogenic microbes, which will lead to frequent relapses.

Complications and limitations of admission

Side effects of "Atzilact" at the moment are not fixed. This is a safe tool that can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding without fear for the health of the child. But it is not recommended to apply "Acilact" with ever recorded cases of an allergic reaction to such drugs.

Do not use medicine in the form of candles for symptoms of thrush. Initially, it is necessary to undergo etiotropic (pathogen-elimination) treatment, and only after that you can use the "Acilact" suppositories to restore the microflora. If this condition is not observed, a recurrence of candidiasis, the appearance of itching, burning, white discharge may occur. There were no cases of overdose.

Instructions for the use of "Atzilact"

The way of using the medicine depends on its shape.


The lyophilate is available in the form of a powder in a glass ampoule. Each can contain three or five doses. For oral administration, it is necessary to dissolve the powder in ordinary pure non-carbonated water at the rate of one dose per 5 ml of liquid (one teaspoonful). Prepare the medicine in three steps.

  1. Add a few drops of water to the ampoule and stir.
  2. Add the resulting suspension to the rest of the water.
  3. Stir until completely dissolved.

Thus, the ampoule for three doses must be dissolved in 15 ml of water (three teaspoons), and the preparation for five doses in 25 ml of water (five teaspoons). Store the prepared solution is not possible even at low temperatures, so every time before taking a new portion is necessary to prepare.

Duration and frequency of reception is determined by the doctor taking into account the clinical situation. The possibilities of use depend on the disease. The main ones are presented in the table.

Table - Variants of the use of lyophilizate in an ampoule with five doses

Diseases Reception schemes
Uncomplicated inflammation of the oral cavity Rinsing with a freshly prepared solution
Inflammation of the tongue (glossitis) 1 ampoule 2-3 times a day
Aphths and mouth ulcers 1 ampoule 2-3 times a day for at least 2 weeks
Changes in the oral cavity associated with systemic diseases For 0.5 ampoules 4 times a day for at least 2 weeks
Intestinal dysfunction 1 ampoule 2-3 times a day for
Inflammatory processes in the vagina, cervical canal, uterine cavity - 1 ampoule 2 times a day for 2-3 weeks;
- 1 ampoule per gauze tampon 1 time a day to lay in the vagina
Preventing complications on the eve of labor or gynecological operations On 1 ampoule on a gauze tampon 1 time a day to put in a vagina

Tablet form

Tablets are intended for oral administration. However, it is possible to use them for diseases of the oral cavity, while it is necessary to dissolve them four or six times two or three times a day.

At other pathological conditions it is necessary to take one tablet in one dose two or three times a day for half an hour before a meal or two hours after.

Hands of doctor in gloves holding medical candles


Scheme and form of treatment with candles "Atzilact" depends on the disease, during pregnancy and breastfeeding are the same as in ordinary women. Perhaps vaginal and rectal use. The table shows possible applications.

Table - The use of candles "Acilact" in gynecology and obstetrics

Pathology Scheme of using candles
Inflammation of the vagina, cervix and uterine cavity (as a component of complex treatment) One time 2 times a day for 7-10 days
Bakvaginosis One 1-2 times a day before the normalization of smears
Prevention of complications in the postpartum period and after surgical interventions One 1-2 times a day for 7-10 days
Restoration of the biocenosis of the vagina after a course of antibacterial agents One per rectum for 10 days, then a break of 10-15 days and a repetition of the course

Candles "Atzilact" should not be used vaginally with menstruation. Allocations will not allow lactobacilli to gain a foothold on the walls of the vagina, so the effect of the application will not be. In this case, it is recommended to cancel the drug for the time of critical days, or go to a rectal or tablet form.

It is recommended to put suppositories in the morning or evening before bedtime. Perhaps a slight leakage of the contents of candles when dissolved in the vagina or rectum. To release after "Acilact" is not caught off guard, you should use additional hygiene products during their use.

The increased effect of treatment with the drug "Acylact" can be obtained by combining the use of various forms of the drug. For example, candles and tablets, candles and lyophilizate. The doctors' comments prove that the result is achieved more quickly.


There is a large number of analogues of "Acilact". The most popular are presented in the table.

Table - Analogues of the drug "Acilact"

For tablets and powder For suppositories
- "Biobakton";
- "Lactobacterin";
- "Bioflora";
- "Colibacterin";
- "Linex";
- "Acipol"
- "Lactobacterin";
- Bifidumbacterin;
- "Lactonorm";
- "Vagiflor";
- Laktozhinal

"Acilact" - a drug based on lactobacilli, which has an immunomodulating, anti-inflammatory effect. He practically has no side effects and contraindications to admission, it is allowed during pregnancy and lactation. Reviews of "Atzilacte" when applied to the doctor's prescription indicate its effectiveness and good tolerability.


Do not scare ACILACT, what are the side effects? All your effects from your untreated sores, and the acylactide suppositories are just useful bacteria that are not enough after antibiotic treatment, they normalize the microflora, but can not cure of thrush and many other diseases. I have been using them for many years and I am very pleased with them. Only they must be fresh and properly stored!

, http://www. Olga , http: // www. woman. en / health / woman-health / thread / 4023267 /

I started to put the Atzilact, and the candles are somehow loose on the consistency! And the capsules are opened loosely - almost do not open normally, just cut the scissors along the contour and extract them, and the candle crumbles! She did not go out, they were bought in a good pharmacy. Tin!

, http://www. Redhead , http: // www. woman. en / health / woman-health / thread / 4023267/2 /

Candles Akzilakt appointed me a gynecologist after an acute dysbiosis (violation of the microflora) of the vagina. Dysbiosis was associated with an infection whose eternal companion is thrush. That is, at first the doctor prescribed candles for me from the thrush, and then, after the course, Acilact.
As a result, after these candles, my primary disease became aggravated, as lactobacilli acidify the vaginal environment. And some infections begin to develop actively in such an environment. That's why I did not help Atzilact, but it did me harm. Also, in no case should you apply acylact for an incomplete thrush or generally just treat the thrush with acylactone.

, http://otzovik. poupees11 , http: // otzovik. com / review_4252168.html

I was appointed after the thrush. I put it at you to restore the microflora, you wrote it right. The current must be sure that all the pimafutsinami and others killed. In short, hand over the smear. And if the smear is ok, then put the acylact. I was dumbfounded to go to take a smear, I will honestly say, so after the course of pimafucin put it. Everything is normal!

, http://www. Frog (ex Makis) , http: // www. u-mama. com / user / info / 1442 / index. html

A good drug. I can say for sure that with the course of 1-2 months the state of the intestines generally improves. I drink one tablet a day, as indicated in the instructions, for the purpose of prophylaxis, as I often see symptoms of dysbiosis. After the course of treatment, the intestine does not disturb half a year.

, http://protabletky. Alexandra Sh. , Http: // protabletky. en / acilact / # otzivi

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